Using QuickBlox as a backend for Chatbots

Using QuickBlox as a backend for Chatbots

If you ever used any customer support service before over a certain live chat service like Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram or others, you most certainly experienced a robotic response on some level while chatting with the support personnel, well, you were likely talking to a chatbot which is also known as a “Conversational agent”.

Chatbots are small lightweight software that simulate a real person conversation through a simulated account. They had been used for a decade, but they gained more popularity recently as they became more intelligent with full support of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Enterprises use chatbots for customer support and  to provide several services over them using Bot UI like scheduling appointments,  buying or reserving tickets, and more.

Chatbots offer a personalized user experience which boosts customer satisfaction and leads to better conversion rates and high user retention.

The popularity of chatbots is the main reason why many companies adopted it as communication channels with customers. It does not require installing  any additional software, easy to access through web, desktop and mobile, and it can serve different purposes at the same time.

In this article, we will talk about the advantages of integrating chatbots with QuickBlox and how enterprises can benefit from it.

QuickBlox is a communication platform as a service (CPaaS), It provides enterprise to all what it requires building messaging and communication apps on scalable infrastructure.  

It is the right choice for an enterprise that demands secure centralized messaging infrastructure to build custom apps for internal use or customer support.

At some point the enterprise will need to create certain chatbots that integrate with its messaging apps to service its customers and ensure strong communication channels for sales and marketing departments.  Lucky for us, It can be done with a fraction of time with QuickBlox, as all the chatbot messages from different platforms (Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp) can be streamed to all QuickBlox-based apps seamlessly.

Benefits  of using QuickBlox  as Chatbot backend

1- Data centralization

QuickBlox offers a centralized data store for the cloud SaaS editor and on-premise enterprise edition. The centralized data-store helps the enterprise to create several apps easily, integrate seamlessly with other enterprise workflow and streamlined systems like ERP and CRM and allows getting analytical data without breaking a sweat.

For instance, creating a chatbot for services like Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp or Twitter with QuickBlox as a backend allows developers to scale easily and use any other QuickBlox apps to communicate with these platforms.

2- Analytics

Analytics are essential for making informed decisions in marketing, sales and customer support. Developers can create a quick analytical app or analyze the data to understand their customers.

Analytics also helps researchers to divide customers into segments according to their requirements and needs which allow developers to create a personalized user experience.

3- Integration with CRM

Connecting the chatbots to enterprise CRM solutions is essential to keep up  with the growing customer base and manage enterprise leads as well as potential customers.

As QuickBlox offers different integrations methods with its SDK libraries which eases the development and integration process.

Integrated chatbots into enterprise CRM systems either analytical, collaborative, operational or campaign-management CRM boosts customer satisfaction, increases customer loyalty and improves conversion rates.

4- Integrating with other QuickBlox messaging apps

As QuickBlox is being used to create several messaging apps for sales, marketing and customer support for many enterprise setups across the world.

These apps help enterprise departments to collaborate and work directly with customers. Developers can create multi-purpose chatbots for multi-platforms that are connected directly to these apps which saves enterprises a large sum of resources if they were to create that from scratch.

5- Personalized user experience

Chatbots offer a seamless personalized user experience which works as a tiny helper robot which leads to increasing the user satisfaction and user retention as well as revenue.

Personalized user experience helps create consistency across messaging channels, grow enterprise’s conversion rates and increase customer loyalty, which is a win-win situation for enterprise.

6- Integration with 3rd party libraries and frameworks

Chatbots are often powered with artificial learning algorithms and natural language processing engines. Although many frameworks and libraries are open-source, most are provided as cloud services with their own SDKs and libraries.

As QuickBlox offers a wide variety of SDKs, it plays well with third-party artificial intelligence and NLP cloud and libraries which ensures seamless integration and intelligent human-alike conversational bot.


As the QuickBlox app ecosystem and customers grow every day, It is essential to integrate these apps with other platforms through chatbots. In this article we explored the benefits of using QuickBlox as chatbots backend which will certainly help enterprises maintain a strong channel with their customers.

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