Utopia is a free open-source React development and design environment that allows developers to enjoy a visual real-time coding and design within one platform.

Utopia is a browser-based project that can run on a server or any local computer. It can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Utopia is highly compatible with Microsoft open-source VS Code editor as it combines it coding functionality,  with a real-time editing and design tools that is more similar to Xcode or even Sketch.


  1. Seamless interface
  2. Developer-friendly editor
  3. Manages dozens of files in a tree structure
  4. A powerful CSS visual design tools
  5. Sync your progress automatically
  6. Allows generated content easily
  7. Live CSS with rich layout
  8. Designing with real CSS
  9. Split view
  10. Alignment tools
  11. Full-text search
  12. Built-in state management tools
  13. Comes with a playground tool
  14. Powerful selection tool


Utopia is released under the MIT License.


  1. https://utopia.app/
  2. https://github.com/concrete-utopia/utopia