Venyon: An innovative Free Solution to Monitor and Manage Computerized Classrooms for Linux and Windows

The computer laboratory is must-have in the schools right now, Where every student set on a computer and follow-up a lesson or instructions as they perform certain tasks.

While computerized classrooms have been managed by commercial solutions for the last decade, It's time to get the open-source alternative that competes with them. Thanks to Tobias Junghans from Germany who pushed with the open-source alternative: Veyon.

What's Veyon?

Veyon is an open-source computerized classroom manager, It offers full control for the instructor's computer over the classroom.

With its rich feature-list, a usable user-interface that makes everything clear and its modular structure that supports plugins (add-ons), Veyon is the ideal solution for schools and training centers.

Begin open-source means it's a cost-effective application. It also means there is no restriction of installing, using and building custom specific-use add-ons for it.

Veyon Screenshot (src: Veyon)

It's a win-win option for schools in developing countries, orphanages, public libraries, informal education, and prison systems.

What does it do?

Veyon puts the instructor's machine or the main computer in the class as a master to control other computers "students". It ensures there is no distraction with full access control for the programs and the internet.

It also offers screen sharing (screen broadcasting), systems monitoring, and built-in LDAP/AD support.

Veyon control center (src. veyon)


  1. Free (Libre) Open-source
  2. Classroom monitoring
  3. Room management
  4. Programs management
  5. Screen sharing and broadcasting
  6. Lock-screen support
  7. Builtin LDAP/ Active Directory Server support
  8. Full network support
  9. Modular system with several useful add-ons
  10. Interactive easy to use interface
  11. Supports Windows and Linux
  12. Command-line tool
  13. Text messaging
  14. Teaching materials distribution
  15. Lesson flow control
  16. Demo server
  17. CSV import and export


Veyon is available for:

  1. Linux: Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Fedora and CentOS
  2. Windows: 32 bit and 64 bit

Veyon does not support macOS at the moment.

Install Veyon on Ubuntu

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:veyon/stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install veyon

Install Veyon on openSUSE

Veyon offers an RPM package for openSUSE, All is required is download and install.

rpm -i veyon-4.4.1.opensuse-15.2.x86_64.rpm

or using Zypper

zypper install veyon-4.4.1.opensuse-15.2.x86_64.rpm

Please make sure of the file name you install.

Install on Arch and Manjaro Linux

For Arch, Veyon has an AUR package which can be installed through "yaourt". However, If you are using Manjaro you can configure AUR packages and install it through the software center.


Install Veyon on Windows

Veyon offers a Windows binaries which can be installed with ease.


  • Internet Access Control
  • LDAP Pro
  • Network Discovery
  • WebTabs


Veyon is an open-source project that is released under GPL (the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE). But not it's also copyrighted to Tobias Junghans / Veyon Solutions.


Veyon is a great open-source tool that competes with many commercial solutions. It offers support for many operating systems. It utilizes LDAP/ AD and school networks to improve and enrich the computerized education.  

It's a great aid for a low-resources environment, especially because it's easy to install, configure, learn and use.  


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