Virtue-Vice is an open-source web-based Habit Tracker

What is the Virtue-Vice app?

Virtue-Vice is a web application that allows users to track their habits. Users can specify how many times each day, on which days, upload a personal image, and also indicate whether or not the app should send out push notifications at certain times for a habit.


  • Lightweight app: minified JavaScript and CSS code
  • Works on all modern web browsers on desktop and mobile
  • It comes with a built-in browser notification
  • Create and manage your habits
  • Check done habits
  • Allows multiple user registration
  • Sending Notification
  • Improperly filled form
  • Support images

Application Overview

  • Frontend: HTML / CSS (SCSS) / JS (jQuery, HandlebarsJS)
  • Backend: NodeJS / Parse
  • Services Used: OneSignal / Rollbar / Mixpanel
  • Build/Task Tools: CodeKit / KoalaApp
  • Packaging/Porting: iOS / Android / OS X / Windows / Linux


Not listed.


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