VTENEXT is the Open Source CRM and BPM solution

The VTENEXT software the CRM for the Digital Innovation. It allows you to engage your customers into your business processes using a specific technology. It can also be used to manage processes generated by internal customers.

VTENEXT is the Open Source CRM solution offering the latest innovative tools powered by a BMP engine. This one allows you to draw and manage company processes in advanced way and to integrate devices connected to the network.


  1. Responsive user-friendly interface
  2. Detailed documentation
  3. Developer-friendly code
  4. Supports both PHP5 and PHP7
  5. Works with Apache and Nginx
  6. Requires limited resources
  7. Easy to setup, configure and use
  8. Supports several languages


VTENEXT is released and distributed under the  GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.0.


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