Vue Flow Form is an Open-Source Form Generator with Vue.js

The problem about traditional forms

Most people who start filling the forms leaves the form before they completing it, imaging how is lost when people don't finish filling their forms.

Let's say that every day you don't act to fix this issues, you are losing money, customers, and time. To help you improve your form complication rate, we suggest this conditional logic app.

Conditional logic allows you to show or hide fields, it based on user selections, so you can collect the most relevant information.

The goal of conditional logic app is allowing users to create smart, powerful and useful forms that give you the best results.

What is Vue Flow Form?

Vue Flow Form is an open-source form generator tool aims to create and increase conversational rate, conditional-logic forms with Vue.js. It is using for developing custom and built to be flexible with many applications.

It can be used for user registration, feedback forms, surveys, or a quiz, support pages, and contact pages.

This app using a special technology to collect data by engage users with a human-like approach of asking only one question at a time.

It has written by Vue, so Vue Flow Form is lightweight compared to other frameworks, so it helps for better app performance.

Vue Flow Form

Vue Flow Form Features

  • Designed to increase form user completion and conversion rates
  • Reducing the perceived complexity of the form.
  • Providing enough structure and guidance to the completion point.
  • Creating an interactive and engaging experience.
  • Increasing the sense of accomplishment and progress.
  • Possibility of organizing questions into sections
  • Providing guidance
  • Built in conditional logic features
  • Vue Flow Form comes with a number of validation functions
  • conversational form interface
  • Multistep format
  • Fully responsive optimized for all modern web browser and mobile device
  • using  an open-source, free, and self-hosted solution give you control of your data and the app itself.
  • Designed as simple, interactive and non-intimidating system
  • Developer-friendly


  • Node.js version 10.0.0 or above (12.0.0+ recommended)
  • NPM version 5+ (or yarn version 1.16+)


Vue Flow Form is released under the MIT license.


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