Vue Storefront: Empowering Scalable Storefront Development (Free and Open-source)

Vue Storefront: Empowering Scalable Storefront Development (Free and Open-source)

Vue Storefront is a powerful Frontend as a Service solution that enables developers and businesses to build, deploy, and manage scalable storefronts faster.

It offers total flexibility for composing and customizing the customer journey, allowing for faster feature development and avoiding complex legacy architecture.

It emphasizes features like flexibility, faster feature deployment, MACH-certified vendor ecosystem, open-source mindset, and a vibrant community. It also mentions components like Vue Storefront codebase, Storefront UI, and Cloud for Headless Commerce.


  • Developer-friendly API
  • Works with any backend
  • Works with Nuxt out of the box
  • Rich components
  • Storyblock ready
  • JSX support
  • TypeScript support
  • Magento starter
  • Nuxt2 Magento starter
  • PWA support
  • Query builder
  • Github actions
  • Detailed documentation

Included packaged

  • Nuxt.js - the Vue.js framework used to build the application
  • Vue Storefront Theme - fully functional eCommerce theme based on the Storefront UI library
  • Storefront UI - the Vue.js UI components library used to build the frontend application
  • Vue Storefront Middleware - the Express.js server used to connect the frontend application with the eCommerce platform and other Integrations

Tech stack


MIT License

Resources & Downloads

Frontend as a Service for composable commerce | Vue Storefront
Vue Storefront Frontend as a Service (FaaS) helps developers and e-commerce businesses to build, deploy and manage scalable storefronts faster.
Vue Storefront
Vue Storefront is the Lighting-Fast Frontend Platform for Headless Commerce - Vue Storefront

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