Waistline is a free, privacy-first calorie counter and weight tracker

Waistline is a free, privacy-first calorie counter and weight tracker
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Android App Store is full of many calorie counter apps and weight tracking apps, however, they are commercial, or free with a cost of in-app purchases or full of ads.

Here, we introduce you to a great alternative that is totally free, feature-rich, and without any advertisements.

What is Waistline?

Waistline app is a free, open-source calorie counter and weight tracker for Android devices. It does not collect any personal data or use any intensive privacy tracker like many apps.

The app is developed by David Healey, a developer from the United Kingdom.

Waistline is built on top of Cordova and Framework7 using JavaScript.

It helps users to log, understand, and analyze their calories intake based on trusted sources Open Food Facts and USDA.

It works on old Android versions with 5.0 above, it also may work on older devices.

Waistline Features

  1. Personal food diary where the user log and track their food intakes
  2. Food list: the user create a local database by scanning the barcode of any product then searching and retrieving the natural facts from USDA.
  3. Tracks calories, fat, carbs, and protein in your food
  4. Easily import and export your data
  5. Built-in search for food database
  6. Built-in general statistics
  7. Visual Timeline
  8. Rich diagrams and charts
  9. Daily and weekly statistics



You can download and install the app from the official Google Play Store application or from F-Droid store.


  • Waistline application and source code are licensed under the GPLv3.


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