Waliki: a Flat-file Git-based Wiki engine written in Django

Waliki is an extensible wiki app for Django with a Git backend.

What is Waliki?

Waliki is a wiki engine and app written using Python and Django Web framework. It is a pure file-based system that store all data in flat-files. As it is written in Django, it inherits its built-in features as its Advanced ACL system, Django admin, and customizable templates.


  • File based content storage.
  • Inherits all Django built-in featuers
  • UI based on Bootstrap and CodeMirror
  • Version control and concurrent edition for your content using git
  • An extensible architecture through plugins
  • reStructuredText or Markdown support, configurable per page (and it's easy to add extensions)
  • A very simple per slug ACL system
  • A nice attachments manager (that respects the permissions over the page)
  • Real-time collaborative edition via TogetherJS
  • Wiki content embeddable in any Django template (as a "dummy CMS")
  • Few helpers to migrate content (particularly from MoinMoin, using moin2git)
  • It works with Python 2.7, 3.4 or PyPy in Django 1.8, 1.9 (and 1.10, most probably)


Waliki is released under the BSD License.