What is Lead Nurturing on LinkedIn?

What is Lead Nurturing on LinkedIn?
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LinkedIn needs no introduction. Over time, the platform has grown into a social media behemoth with over 830 million users from 20 countries (according to the Smperth stats).

As you’ll hardly find a professional or business that does not own a profile/business page on LinkedIn, this channel has become one of the most effective ones for lead nurturing.

If you are just starting your lead nurturing path on this social network, this post has it all to help collect more details on the topic and get started successfully.

Let’s jump in!

Advantages of Lead Nurturing on LinkedIn

According to Wpromote’s State of B2B Marketing Report, over 60% of marketing specialists say LinkedIn produces twice more leads than any other social network.

Let’s review some other primary benefits of prospect nurturing on LinkedIn:

Building brand recognition

Many of today’s world-famous brands started their journey by sending outreach messages describing their brands and what they offer.

Lead nurturing helps introduce a business you represent to a wider audience, make a company more credible and its offerings more valuable — and create more earning opportunities down the road.


Any communication should be highly personalized and targeted. LinkedIn is no exception, which makes it much easier to score your potential leads and focus your resources on the most promising prospects.

Higher profit margins

As LinkedIn leads nurturing campaigns have proven to be effective in converting prospects into paying customers, your business is expected to experience an increase in profits.

New Business Opportunities

LinkedIn users come from different industries and have different backgrounds. If they turn out not to be your target audience, six degrees of separation are likely to guide you to other more relevant connections.

Alternatively, chances are your new connections will refer their relevant contacts your way.


Monitoring and analysis are an essential part of any online activity. LinkedIn boasts substantial analytics opportunities and advanced targeting features.

Besides, if you’ve chosen to automate your LinkedIn activities and opted for a dedicated tool, you are likely to get access to more metrics required to evaluate your strategy effectiveness.

Lead Nurturing Techniques on LinkedIn

LinkedIn boasts unique features that make goals achievable. To get the most out of them and improve your lead nurturing results on this social network, we’ve compiled a list of five free and paid tactics you could benefit from.

Automation Solutions

Developing communication with prospects is a time-consuming process, mainly when performed manually.

Besides making sure your outreach messages are well-targeted, personalized, and timely, the content you share must bring true value and provide answers your prospects could possibly need.

Arranging such massive amounts of data can become overwhelming. Automation tools help you facilitate the day-to-day routine and make the most out of LinkedIn nurturing.

LinkedHelper 2 is the first safe-to-use solution on the market to perfectly serve the purpose. With its help, you can:

  • Scrape practically any details from your prospects’ profiles
  • Export data to a CSV file for simpler leads grouping and management
  • Send personalized messages, including chains of messages within the sales funnel
  • Set LinkedIn invitation limits
  • Automate practically any of your LinkedIn activities following rules and conditions specified by you and more

Content Publishing

It's always a pleasure to deal with an expert. For lead nurturing campaigns, posting content, regular updates, and sponsored articles allow you to:

  • Sparkle your followers’ attention to your profile (and the topic covered)
  • Attract new followers who find your content of value
  • Publish searchable content and promote your product, service, or brand (on and off the platform)

Collect Referrals

There are many ways to collect referrals. Why not ask your leads if they know someone who can also find your offering of value?

Alternatively, your piece of content can be precious and worth sharing. A simple question can elevate your lead nurturing campaign a bit further.

It won’t take much of your time or effort but create more new opportunities.

InMail Outreach

Whether free, paid, or automated, InMails allow prospecting using LinkedIn Messenger.

As such messages are sent only when the users are active, it’s recommended to forward them to the most promising prospects.

What to include in your InMail templates?


Your personalized outreach should bring value if you expect to receive a reply. Consider going beyond promoting your product or service only and adding links to events, webinars, research, etc.

LinkedIn Advertising

According to Insider Intelligence, 50% of respondents say when brands use their data in their campaigns, it helps them find products of their interest faster.

Often available in the LinkedIn sidebar, such ads quickly attract the users' attention and can trigger a targeted action if relevant.

We’d recommend starting with dynamic and display LinkedIn ads. These are banners, spotlight profiles, etc. that frequently get displayed in the right pane. Many say that the combination of promoted content and display ads can do wonders for your nurturing campaigns.

In a Nutshell

If you are looking for a new consistent source of leads, LinkedIn is the channel to put your eye on.

Now that you are equipped with the working strategies and handy tools, it’s high time to expand your network, grow your leads pipeline, and boost your brand’s sales and conversion rates.

Which strategy are you planning to start with?

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