Nowadays, it is easy to find a job in the USA in a labor specialty: electricians, builders, and plumbers are always needed here, and they receive a good salary. Also, there will be no problems with employment in supermarkets, restaurants, and retail chains – these positions are not highly paid, and you need to work in shifts, which is not convenient for all jobseekers. If you are applying for an office job, for example, an insurance sales manager or lawyer’s assistant, you will need a certificate obtained in the state where you want to work. However, if you have all the necessary competencies and qualifications, you can find the job of your dream on a reputable site. What job search engines can help your career goals – red below.

Top-5 Sites to Find a Job of Your Dream

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Photo by Marten Bjork / Unsplash

Numerous job search sites available on the Internet lure jobseekers with thousands of vacancies, among which it is hard to find something that meets your expectations. If you don’t have much time to search for a proper place or your emergency funds are about to finish, we recommend you to search on AI-based resources like Lensa, able to assess your skills and qualification to offer you a perfect match. You can also consider the following job search alternatives according to Lensa to increase your chances for success:

1- Monster is an international job search platform operating in the USA and worldwide. The database has more than 1 million proposals from companies and more than 150 million CVs. According to the website owners, about 8000 search jobs and 30 CVs are uploaded on the platform every minute. In the USA, Monster is one of the top-3 job search portals. Advanced search allows you to find vacancies not only by name and city but also by requirements and key criteria.

2- Indeed is the world’s leading job search site. About 180 million unique visitors from 50 various states search for their jobs on the site every month. The biggest advantage of the platform is that it allows you to search for positions both on the site itself and on thousands of others. Therefore, you have a much better chance of finding the job of your dream here. You can search by keywords, locations, salary level, type of employment, etc.

3- Glassdoor

The site collects reviews about companies and the real salaries of employees. The idea is to collect the most detailed salary data and requirements for each position in the company so that applicants can know how to respond to a particular offer, and the current workers can compare their salaries with those of their colleagues. All this data is anonymous and available to absolutely all registered users. In addition to reviewing companies and salaries, this service also provides a tremendous number of vacancies. More than 1.5 million users visit this site per day. So, don’t hesitate to register there, save your search criteria, and receive notifications of new jobs around the clock.

4- Ladders

Ladders website offers vacancy listings for numerous spheres, incl. finances, soft engineering, online marketing, HR, data science, and industrial engineering, for huge enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, Google, or Apple. After registering on the site, you will be asked to enter the job positions that interest you the most. You will be provided with vacancies corresponding to these titles automatically. Some jobs can be applied for free, but to view the premium versions, you should buy a subscription.

5- USAjobs

USAjobs is a US governmental resource for finding civil service positions with accurate salaries and job descriptions. This is an excellent alternative to the above-listed portals. The portal allows you to quickly upload a resume, get a response to it, and communicate with the employer directly. A special focus is made on the jobseekers who belong to the military veterans’ group or their family members.

Having started searching for vacancies online, there are two possible scenarios of how the events may develop:

  1. You can start complaining and saying that all these resources are useless spam and fake.
  2. To enjoy the results of your efforts at the new desired workplace.

To make the second scenario more likely to come true, here are some tips to follow:

  • Avoid spam: get a separate mailbox and phone number for notifications from employment sites. The more accounts on different platforms you have, the more spam will come, even after you find a job;
  • Do not limit yourself to one platform: There are really a lot of vacancies on Indeed, but not all employers use this portal. Try to register on several sites from the beginning, and focus on 2 maximum 3 sources of vacancies;
  • Don’t rely entirely on automated resumes: try to tailor your resume to every job you apply for. Consider your application from the employer’s perspective and apply some individuality to your CV. 3/4 of candidates do not receive a response from employers largely because of bad-quality resumes;
  • Set up alerts: don’t forget to set up notifications by setting and saving all search criteria. The speed of making decisions plays a crucial role in your success.

Finally, you can also choose the companies that are best for you, find the section with vacancies on their websites, and offer your candidacy by contacting the HR department or manager, explaining why you want to work for them. Sometimes, with one visit to the office, you will leave behind a hundred candidates writing at that moment, as personal communication is usually much more convincing. Find your place in professional communities, join thematic groups, learn from the experience of participants and share your skills. Meanwhile, if you have an inspiring example of finding a job online with the help of job search sites, we will be happy to read your story in the comments.