Why Programmers Should Read Good Fiction

Why Programmers Should Read Good Fiction

Programming is one of the most demanding jobs in this world, and those who are into coding or algorithms seem to have a different brain than the rest of us.

This job requires mental creativity, so that is why programmer study literature to put him in a creative mental state. Not everyone is good with digits or coding languages, but those who are, crave constant mental stimulation that keeps their brain in shape. After hours and hours of coding, one’s mind can go into a tilt, so there is nothing better than a good fiction book to restore your consciousness. This is especially true for college students who are into coding, for whom books not only serve as a great stimulus but as a meditation or a stress relief from their everyday studies.

Books Offer Free Creativity Bonus

Getting yourself into that relentless flow of creativity ain’t easy, as it requires some stimulus that will move your emotions, and make you feel alive. Fiction books offer so many topics and summaries that make you emphasize with main characters while fueling your imagination with beautiful visions.

This is precisely that young programmers need to unlock those secret compartments in their brains and get that job done. Each book is not just a piece of paper, but a window to problem-solving made for creative people whose brain sees patterns and designs where others don’t see anything. If you ever read books like The Kite Runner or Animal Farm, you know what we are talking about.

Even reading well-written essays can stimulate your sense and put you in a beast mode for solving complex algorithms, if you ain’t got time for reading books. We are talking about essays on books that convey strong messages, invoke powerful images while making you sympathize with all main characters. Reading The Kite Runner essay examples written by students will take you to a special place where your mind is free, and your possibilities are limitless. Everyone enjoys this book, as The Kite Runner offers countless examples of human perseverance in the face of adversity. This is exactly what each programming student needs to get into their zone of coding creativity and problem-solving.

Research Your Imagination

One might think that programmers only read science fiction titles like the Nexus or the Ware Trilogy, but that is not entirely true. Many of them enjoy some early works of Emily Brontë or Dostoevsky as well, as their personal preferences dictate what animates their mind properly. Works like Three Parts Dead or Deepness in the Sky may resemble computer programmer fiction series, but any book will do as long as each young programmer digs its premise and finds it provocative enough.

Not being afraid to dig into some depths of your consciousness is the key, and coding experts love to play with their minds, for sure. Only a boring book can do damage to their thinking process, so choosing the best titles is essential.

Examples Of Good Fiction Books To Read

Nobody should argue other’s taste in literature, and that is the reason why there are so many genres and styles out there. There are however some bestselling titles that resonate with a wide audience and are also well received in the programmer’s community.

We are talking about books like Orwell's 1984, Catcher in the Rye, Catch 22, or perhaps modern classics like Moby Dick, Ana Karenina, or the Lord of the Rings trilogy. These are some of the best fiction books of all time, which will surely inspire anyone into accomplishing big goals.

It is worth saying that there are hundreds of exceptional fiction books just waiting for programming students to discover them and be inspired by them on so many levels.

If you never tried programming, give it a shot, and you might be surprised to find your secret talent or a new passion in coding. This might be a great revelation for you if you are also a book lover and an avid reader who relish various topics from fiction to mystery novels. There are no simple best fiction books recommendation for programmers, just those that fuel their imagination in the right direction, and that is a very subjective experience.

Trying to read different authors while finding those whose works suit your intellect is the key to properly stimulate your brain. From all other genres one can think of, fiction seems to do this job most efficiently, so try The Kite Runner with some other good fiction books to read and just watch your coding skills improve.

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