Why The Right Hardware Audit Is Important for Your Medical Business

Why The Right Hardware Audit Is Important for Your Medical Business

Much like human beings, networks are constantly growing, evolving, changing, and dividing. Monitoring changes to the ever-evolving network isn’t just paramount to maintaining the system’s security, it is essential for business owners in terms of efficiency as well. Hardware and software audits allow for businesses to keep tabs on networks like never before. With a simple IT software inventory, suddenly it is clear what’s running on the network and how efficient that network actually is. Hardware and software audits are important, let’s explore just how important they are.

What is a hardware audit?

Let’s start with the basics: what is a hardware audit? Simply put, a hardware audit is a thorough assessment of all the devices that are used to organize the computer network of a given company. Similarly, software audits do the same thing but with software running on the network. Hardware includes all computers, routers, modems, and access points. The job of a hardware audit is to make sure all hardware is up to date and working as it should. The goal of a software audit is to ensure all of the software running on the network is properly licensed, up-to-date, and running as it should, it can be completed with a simple program.

What are the benefits of a hardware audit?

Hardware is a vital aspect of any business, regardless of which industry that business serves. Data is critical to security and protecting information, that’s why a hardware audit is key. Here are a few of the most important ways a hardware audit can benefit any sized company:

  • Prevents double purchases and rids the network of redundant equipment
  • Allows companies to get rid of outdated or slow equipment
  • Determines equipment value when dealing with insurers
  • Identifies older assets
  • Pinpoints security holes and data leaks
  • Determines where the sensitive location is located

Similarly, software audits can provide many of the same benefits and goals, that’s why it is important to run both hardware and software audits regularly.

Are hardware audits expensive?

Neither hardware nor software audits is very expensive. In fact, licenses for software to perform network inventory and audits can be purchased for as low as $90, a small price to pay for efficiency and security. Moreover, most legitimate companies will allow users to try the software free for a number of days to get a feel for how the product will work for their business.

Why should your business do a hardware audit?

Unseen issues aren’t just a massive security risk, they can cost any company time and money through issues or troubleshooting. Up-to-date hardware and databases can help you to keep tabs on your assets and know which pieces need to be replaced. It might sound like a large undertaking, but a hardware audit is easy to perform, especially with the right IT hardware inventory software. This can be implemented with quality IT professionals. Additionally, every company should deploy network monitoring software to keep the network running as efficiently and securely as it can.


Adam Edmond is a technology writer, and previously a software developer. He is a Masters graduate of the National Technical University of Ukraine in Applied Mathematics (department of system programming and specialized computer systems) and having worked as a software developer for Ciklum, he is now based in the USA as a contractor, and loves writing and sharing his experiences.

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