Wikiwand Boosts Your Wikipedia Readability and Experience

Wikiwand Boosts Your Wikipedia Readability and Experience

Wikiwand is a browser extension that improve your Wikipedia readability experience. It is released as an extension for Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave, and as an Add-on for Mozilla Firefox.

Wikiwand is also available as a mobile application that enable users fast speed, lockup and navigate through Wikipedia pages with improved mobile experience.


  1. Responsive design
  2. Quick access to table-of-content (TOC) for headings and subheadings
  3. Multilingual access to the pages
  4. Navigation tools
  5. Easy to browse editing history
  6. Quick preview by just hovering Wiki links
  7. Multilingual search by default
  8. Choose your right theme and font settings
  9. Browse images in gallery mode
  10. Interactive map browsing mode
  11. Supports touch screen and touch gesture
  12. Available for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
  13. Once-click share tool: to Twitter, Gmail, and Facebook
  14. Filter for active languages
  15. View connected pages
  16. Easily to access to the references and further reading section

Personal note

I have been using this extension as the primary Wikipedia browser extension, It is a great tool to browse and read Wikipedia, as it is feature-rich, comes with a dozen of readability tool, and multi-language page browser.

However, the current layout the puts the image up to the head of the page, use the primary image in the page which is small in most pages, so it results in a blurry image.