WindTerm is a Multi-platform SSH, SFTP, Shell, Telnet and Serial Terminal

WindTerm is a Multi-platform SSH, SFTP, Shell, Telnet and Serial Terminal

WindTerm is a DevOps-focused cross-platform SSH/Sftp/Shell/Telnet/Serial terminal.


  • Session Manager
  • Split views
  • Support multiple themes
  • Shortcuts support
  • SSH v2, Telnet, Raw Tcp, Serial, Shell protocols implemented.
  • Supports SSH auto execution when session authenticated.
  • Supports SSH ControlMaster.
  • Supports SSH ProxyCommand or ProxyJump. 
  • Supports SSH agent. 
  • Supports SSH auto login with password, public-key, keyboard-interactive, gssapi-with-mic.
  • Supports X11 forwarding.
  • Supports direct/local port forwarding, reverse/remote port forwarding and dynamic port forwarding.Supports XModem, YModem and ZModem.
  • Integrated sftp, scp client, supports download, upload, remove, rename, make new file/directory and so on. 
  • Integrated local file manager, supports move to, copy to, copy from, remove, rename, make new file/directory and so on.
  • Supports Windows Cmd, PowerShell and Cmd, PowerShell as administrator.
  • Supports Linux bash, zsh, powershell core and so on.
  • Supports MacOS bash, zsh, powershell core and so on.
  • Supports Multilingual User Interface.
  • Supports Unicode 13.
  • Session dialog and session tree.
  • Auto Completion.
  • Free Type Mode. 
  • Focus Mode. 
  • Sync Input. 
  • Enhanced protection of the session username and password. 
  • Command palette.
  • Command sender.
  • Explorer Pane. 
  • Shell Pane.
  • Quick Bar. 
  • Paste Dialog. 
  • Local and remote modes with vim keybindings. (Using Shift+Enter key to switch between remote and local mode
  • Supports time stamp, folding, outlining, split views.
  • Supports powerline in Linux and PowerShell, e.g. Oh-My-Zsh, Oh-My-Posh.
  • Supports color schemes like vscode.
  • Supports searching and previewing.
  • Supports highlighting the opening and closing delimiter, such as (), [], {} and the custom delimiters. 
  • Supports changing the UI theme. 
  • Supports setting the tab color.
  • Supports searching over the opened tabs.
  • Supports closing tabs to the right.
  • Supports setting the windows transparency. 
  • Supports select-to-copy, right-click-to-paste or middle-click-to-paste.
  • Supports searching text online with Google, Bing, Github, Stackoverflow, Wikipedia and DuckDuckGo. 
  • Supports hiding mouse cursor while typing.
  • Supports locking screen. 


Apache License V2.0

Completely FREE for commercial and non-commercial use without limitations. All released source codes (except thirdparty directory) are provided under the terms of Apache-2.0 license.

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Download WindTerm for free. A professional cross-platform SSH/Sftp/Shell/Telnet/Serial terminal. A Quicker and better SSH/Telnet/Serial/Shell/Sftp client for DevOps. WindTerm is a partial open source project, and the source will be gradually opened.

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