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our main objective is promoting open-source projects and developers, We welcome open-source related news, press releases and software reviews, and opinions. We encourage open-source developers, and enthusiasts to send us their notes, progress, and press-releases.

We will publish:

  • Press releases
  • Software new version release
  • Open-source projects
  • Open-source news
  • Open-source code as a result of academic Research with the attached research paper
  • Hardware reviews


  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Medical imaging
  • Medical recording
  • Research
  • Privacy and security
  • Simulation
  • Open-source enterprise solution (ERP, CRM, Cloud)
  • Software Development
  • AI: Machine learning and Deep learning
  • Linux

We will not publish:

  • Promoting materials for commercial solutions & services
  • Plagiarized materials including articles/ posts.

Required summary of submissions

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Once we receive the article, we will hand it to one of our editors for consideration and review. Soon as it's approved (or not) we will notify the author.