WriteFreely: Clutter-free Self-hosted Blogging Platform for Writers

WriteFreely: Clutter-free Self-hosted Blogging Platform for Writers
Photo by Patrick Fore / Unsplash

Written in the Go programming language to offer the best performance, WriteFreely is a lightweight blogging system aimed for hobby and professional writers.

WriteFreely supports Markdown syntax out-of-box, and offers a distraction-free interface with a limited clutter.

You can deploy your own instance on your server, or use the official hosting service Write.as which takes care of your installation, data backup and accounts for a small fee.


  1. Lightweight system that can be installed on a minimal server.
  2. A distraction-free editor interface.
  3. Full Markdown format support.
  4. A readable output with a clutter-free interface
  5. Connect to your community.
  6. Supports images and files with its asset manager.
  7. Multilingual support: WriteFreely supports more than 20 languages including RTL (Right-To-Left) languages.
  8. Support collaborative writing for teams.
  9. OAuth 2.0 login.
  10. Organize your posts using hashtags.
  11. Developer can scale and extend its functionalities using its rich API.
  12. Easily publish your writings automatically to services like Mastodon, Pleroma to follow your blog updates.
  13. Create a multiple blogs on a multi-user instances for different audience.


The project is released under the AGPL-3.0 License.


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