Discover YunoHost: Simplifying Server Administration

Manage Your Server and Host Easily with YunoHost

Discover YunoHost: Simplifying Server Administration

What is YunoHost?

Step into the future with YunoHost, an operating system that redefines server administration, delivering unmatched convenience, steadfast reliability, impenetrable security, and feather-light performance.

YunoHost is a groundbreaking operating system created with a single, powerful objective: to make server administration a breeze. Crafted meticulously in Python and Bash, YunoHost masterfully marries simplicity and sophistication, bringing server administration within everyone's reach.

At its very heart, YunoHost is a champion of self-hosting democratization. By demystifying server administration, it unlocks the full potential of self-hosting for an expansive user base. And it doesn't stop at just that. YunoHost is unwavering in its commitment to reliability, security, and ethical data handling.

The essence of YunoHost is its inspiring ethos. It is a volunteer-driven project and a shining beacon of copylefted libre software. From a technical standpoint, it’s a Debian GNU/Linux-based distribution, compatible with a vast range of hardware.

YunoHost's standout features are its key differentiators. Built on Debian, it offers a dependable and familiar foundation. Administer your server via a user-friendly web interface or, if you so choose, a robust Command Line Interface (CLI).

The simplicity also permeates the app deployment process. With YunoHost, deploying apps from a catalog of more than 500 options is a matter of a few clicks! Moreover, YunoHost empowers you to manage users via LDAP, effortlessly handle domain names, and create and restore backups with unparalleled ease.

In summary, YunoHost is not merely an evolution, but a revolution in server administration. Its emphasis on simplicity, dependability, and ethical practices make it an irresistible option for those exploring self-hosting. If you're ready to lead the self-hosting revolution, YunoHost is your ultimate partner.

A bit of History

YunoHost was birthed in February 2012 from a conversation between two tech enthusiasts. Kload, feeling too lazy to reconfigure his mail server, was impressed by Beudbeud's server setup with LDAP. This led Kload to develop an admin interface for Beudbeud's server to make it more user-friendly. With the automation of several configurations and the inclusion of some web apps, the first version of YunoHost was completed.

The burgeoning enthusiasm around YunoHost, coupled with the increasing interest in self-hosting, prompted the original developers and new contributors to start working on a second version. This iteration aimed to be more extensible, powerful, and user-friendly, encapsulating a whimsical character by claiming to brew a delightful cup of fair-trade coffee for Lapland's elves.

The name YunoHost is derived from the internet jargon "Y U NO Host", illustrating the ethos of the platform — encouraging more people to host their own servers.


  • Web and CLI Server Administration: User-friendly interface and robust command line options for easy administration.
  • App Deployment: Easy process with a catalogue of over 500 apps.
  • User Management: LDAP-based user management system.
  • Domain Management: Effortless handling of domain names.
  • Backup Creation and Restoration: Simplified process for data safety.
  • Complete Email Stack: Includes Postfix, Dovecot, Rspamd, and DKIM.
  • Instant Messaging Server: XMPP-based messaging system.
  • SSL Certificate Management: Based on Let's Encrypt for secure connections.
  • Security Systems: Includes fail2ban and yunohost-firewall for server protection.
  • Debian Base: Trustworthy and familiar operating system base.
  • Comes with built-in Webadmin
  • Supports Single Sign-on


It is written entirely using Python and Bash.


YunHost is a free and open-source project that is releaed under the APGL-3.0 License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - YunoHost/yunohost: YunoHost is an operating system aiming to simplify as much as possible the administration of a server. This repository corresponds to the core code, written mostly in Python and Bash.
YunoHost is an operating system aiming to simplify as much as possible the administration of a server. This repository corresponds to the core code, written mostly in Python and Bash. - YunoHost/yu…
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