Zero IoT is a monitoring system for air parameters (like temperature or humidity) and activity of the sun. The main goal is to run this software on a Raspberry Pi Zero or similar small SBC devices with small amount of hardware and low power consumption.

The data can come from external sensors connected to Wi-Fi network by devices (e.g. ESP8266 devices family).

The first layer contains IoT RESTful server based on Flask REST JSON:API and SQLite database which stores data that come from external sensors. The second layer is a set of scripts for converting data from SQLite database to RRDTool databases and generating a set of time based graphs. These graphs are shown in the third layer on the HTML site served by lighttpd server.

If you have a powerful computer you can use Grafana or similar software to show nice graphs with some metrics. Below I described how to install this on Raspberry OS system.


  • Raspberry OS
  • SQLite
  • RRDTool
  • Sunwait
  • some HTTP server, e.g. Lighttpd