11 Best Free Text Summarizing Services For Researchers, Writers, and Bloggers

11 Best Free Text Summarizing Services For Researchers, Writers, and Bloggers
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Text summarizing is a process that shorten a large text context and turn it to a readable summarized short version. Most text summarizing services uses artificial intelligence algorithms in the background to provide quality outputs.

Students, teachers, researchers, use text summarizing tools that aid them to save a huge deal of time and provide them a quick preview of large text content.

What can the document summarizer do?

  1. Summarize large docs
    To get a fast and reliable insight into long documents, as: research papers, medical/legal expertises, contract management, legal regulations / ordinances / court proceedings etc."Long documents are some of the toughest documents.
  2. Sifting through document collections
  3. Quickly check whether the content is of interest or not (a manual checking is tedious)
  4. Reduce risk of overlooking important facts
  5. Facilitate communication / knowledge transfer
  6. Important when several members of a group have to make a statement on an expertise
  7. Finding the interesting sections in a long document (e.g. in a meeting protocol)
  8. Cross-references and framework for mutual understanding

In this article we offer you a list of the best text summarizing services that give you the concise, coherent, and fluent summary of longer text.

1- InfoCodex Document Summarizer

Document Summarizer comes with several customized options, and multiple languages support as it supports English, Italian, French, and Spanish.

You can paste a URL to a web page, or upload a text or an office text document, and it will do the whole work for you.

The app also allows you to choose the percentage of the text output to the main text, keywords per section, and select your section size.

The service is a free of charge and supports large text documents (up to 500 pages).

2- GetDigest

GetDigest is a simple and easy-to-use service that supports 3 different text file formats, web page translation, and clipboard large text.

It analyzes Web content and text documents and summarizes them. This makes information easier to process, saving you time and enabling you to work more effectively!

GetDigest recognizes in which language a text exists, and also summarizes multilingual documents and information. Currently, GetDigest analyzes over 33 languages.

It also allows you to select output's size to the original content.

Currently, GetDigest supports Microsoft Word Document (DOCX), PDF files, and text file documents in TXT format.

The only downside for this service that it does not allow more than 5 Mb per file, and it does not accept large documents.


SMMRY is a free web services that enables you to summarize large PDF and TXT files and shorten the output into a readable compact version.

4- Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool is a free web service that supports text summarizing in many languages and breakpoint large text into key points, keywords, and short readable coherent version.

This tool supports text file format (.txt), and MS Word (.doc and .docs). You can also download the output in a text file format.

5- Resoomer

Resoomer is yet another service but with a unique support for EPUP, PDF and Open Document Text (ODT) format, with the regular formats support for MS Word, and text file format (TXT).

While it does not have many options as the other services, it does not have limits and comes with dozens of extensions as well as multilingual support for EU languages.

6- PaperLit Text Summarize

PaperLit Text Summarize is a simple tool to "compress" your text/article and summarize it to create a shorter version, without compromising the original meaning, FOR FREE!
You can pick the size you prefer (up to 10% of the original size).

7- Summarizer

Summarizer is yet another fast and quick service that offers you a free text summarization with quality output. It supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Indonesian.

8- Text Compactor

Text Compactor offers you a free online automatic text summarization, however, it does not support file upload, or text files.

9- Summarizing Tool

Summarizing Tool allows you to summarize plain large text, essays, large text paragraphs with one click. It also supports cloud documents stored at services as Google Drive, and One Drive.

You can also set the length of the desired output with the top slider.

10- IvyPanda

The IvyPanda Online Text Summarizer enables you to paste an article, paragraph, essay or any other text in the form below and click summarize; It returns a 10-sentence summary for you to read.

11- QuillBot

The QuillBot is an AI-powered text summarizing tool for researchers that supports large text, research papers, and comes with different AI modes.

It is completely free and unlimited unlike other services.

The QuillBot is an ideal service for researchers, bloggers, and writers.

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