12 Best Educational and Entertaining Websites for Kids

In this list we have collected the best educational resources for kid that merges science and entertainment.

12 Best Educational and Entertaining Websites for Kids

During these days of quarantine due to Corona virus pandemic, kids have plenty of time at home. So, we searched for different areas of interest and picked websites which provide educational materials for kids in a clear, engaging, and fun way. The following list is the best 12 Educational and Entertaining websites for kids.

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This list is aiming to provide the most quality and useful educational resources for parents that they can use with their kids. It mixes education and fun.

How did we choose these sites?

  • Content-rich
  • Educational and fun
  • Easy-to-browse
  • Mobile and tablet ready with responsive design
  • Aiming for kids and teens

Best Educational and Entertaining Websites for Kids

1- HowStuffWorks

HowStuffWorks started in 1998 by Marshall Brain and since then expanded to encompass many categories like Health, Science, Animals, Auto, Adventure, Tech, Lifestyle, Gardens, and many more.  

It explains topics in a simple and clear way in the form of written articles, videos, animations, and podcasts, which suites different learning styles.

2- Science Kids

Science Kids was created by Rene Smith in 2007 as an educational resource for teachers and parents to help make science fun and engaging for kids.

It contains many categories as Chemistry, Biology, Animals, Food, Astronomy, Dinosaurs, Geology, Geography, Human Body, Math, Physics, Nature, Robots, and a lot more.

It provides explanations in a clear and engaging way, and offers projects, quizzes, games, fun activities, and science fair ideas  to stimulate the creativity and curiosity in kids.

3- Science Bob

Science Bob provides experiments videos, science fair ideas, experiment blog, and a facebook page. It explains the experiments in an engaging and fun way with clear steps to reproduce them yourself.

4- MakeMeGenius

MakeMeGenius was created by Adit Arora (a high school student from India) to help kids learn school topics easily. There are sections for Kindergarten, Grades 1 to 7. The Topics are explained in the form of animations which are fun to watch. There is also a blog, and a section of PowerPoint Presentations.

5- CoolMath

CoolMath network started in 1997 by a math teacher to help people learn and enjoy math. Topics are explained in a very easy and clear way. CoolMath is for ages 13 and above, and Coolmath4kids is for kids 3 -12 years of age. There is also CoolmathGames which is full of fun and engaging games, ranging from number games, logic games, jigsaw, memory games, and a lot more.

6- National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids has a huge collection of videos for all types of animals, ranging from mammals, reptiles, fish, and prehistoric animals. There are also sections for science, how things work, countries, weird and fun facts videos. There is also a section for Games which contain a lot of quizzes and action games.

7- Science4Fun

Science4Fun is an educational website for kids and teens started in 2014 by Abdul Wahab Malik (an electrical engineering and a part time teacher from Pakistan). It contains topics in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Electricity, Animals, Astronomy, Plants, Earth Science, Scientists and Inventions.

8- Tinkercad

Tinkercad from Autodesk is a free online software to design 3D models. You can also design circuits, and simulate how they operate and respond in real life. There is also Codeblocks which enables you to make shapes by dragging and dropping blocks together.

9- The Nine Planets

The Nine Planets provides illustrated information of the solar system, stars, galaxies, and asteroids. It offers guides for hobbyists who want to buy telescopes. There is a section for kids which presents the information in a simple and clear way.

10- Chem4Kids

Chem4Kids is a part of Rader's Network of Science and Math Sites, and has a collection of Chemistry and Biochemistry topics in a simple format suitable not only for kids, but everyone can benefit from it.

Other members of Rader's Network are Cosmos4Kids, Biology4Kids, Geography4Kids, Physics4Kids, and Numbernut. They all provide educational materials suitable for kids.

11- Weather Wiz Kids

Weather Wiz Kids is designed by meteorologist Crystal Wicker to simplify the topics of weather for kids. It has a section for Experiments and Do It Yourself Weather instuments.

12- Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs provides facts and pictures of different types of dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.


The above list contains a good mix to suit different tastes and interests, and we believe kids will have much fun and also learn new things in an engaging way. If you have any recommendation please let us know in the comments or by sending us an email.

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