In the past few years, YouTube has upset many content creators and users, YouTube banning certain content creators or banning certain users, and it has
In this article, we want to show you the top YouTube alternatives.

1- PuMuKIT

PuMuKIT is an open-source video tool designed for an organization with many videos or audio assets, in this open-source software you will run a complete video site on your infrastructure, and provide an elegant and customizable front end.

This open-source allows you to browse video or audio from any device such as Android, iPhone, iPad, or any desktop browser, It is a fully customizable web portal, it comes with a powerful publisher interface. You can also with it do a live broadcast.

PuMuKIT is an open-source self-hosted media CMS for education
PuMuKIT is an Open Source Video Platform that provides unparalleled organization, flexibility, accessibility, and scalability. Well-designed and well-engineered PuMuKIT is the ideal solution for any organization with large collections of video or audio. The solution is built for education sector as…

2- Mediadrop


mediadrop can be used as a powerful web open source video technology that is built-in Python on your infrastructure.

It is used for unparalleled organization, statistics, accessibility, and scalability. It is a perfect choice for an organization with large collections of video or audio.

3- Shareavideo


shareavideo can be used to share a video with your friends. It is an API video for product builders that let you integrate, scaling live streaming features in your app. shareavideo is light and fast.
This app is built with NodeJS, It is licensed under the MIT license.

4- Klopix

Klopix is an open-source video-sharing platform tool. It lets you share videos, create playlists, like or dislike a video, comment on a video. Finally, it used a NodeJS + Express ( Backend ), React + Hooks ( Frontend ), MongoDB + Mongoose ( Database ).

5- AVideo

AVideo is an abbreviation for anything video, it is a video and audio platform. It can be used as an open-source project or as a SaaS, it is easy to use.
It also gives you the validity to create your broadcast network, it is fully responsive, it comes with many plugins.

6- Rutube


Rutube is a clone website like YouTube used as a video sharing platform that is used by many types of people. It allows you to leave a comment and make like or dislike, and many other features like the official YouTube app.
This platform was built with React, Redux, Ruby, Rails, AWS, and Postgres.

7-  MediaCMS

MediaCMS is an open-source modern video and media CMS tool that was developed to meet the needs of modern web platforms. It is written in Python/Django and React and licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license.
It also features a REST API, it used to build small to medium videos, it is hosted with itself. It supports video, audio, and image, it comes with multiple media sharing options.  

Create your own YouTube alike website with MediaCMS
If you are a freelance photographer, agency, or professional who has and wants to showcase his multimedia work, like photos, and videos, most likely you have several profiles here and there. There are various solutions to achieve that, but they don’t close to something like YouTube. But, what if I

8- ClipBucket


ClipBucket is an open-source video streaming platform written with PHP that comes with many advanced video sharing and social features. It is cloud-based, self-hosted, comes with a quick setup.

We can say that ClipBucket is an alternative for YouTube,, Dailymotion.
It is developed in PHP and licensed under ATTRIBUTION ASSURANCE LICENSE.

9- VideoHub


VideoHub is a self-hosted, open-source YouTube alternative tool, with a high-performance Flask and MySQL.
It is licensed under the MIT License.

10- briskLimbs


briskLimbs is an open-source video-sharing software tool created by webmasters and developers.
Its works on Ubuntu or CentOS come with high performance.
this tool was developed in PHP and released under the MIT License.

11- Peer2PeerTube


Peer2PeerTube is a decentralized live video streaming program that used peer-to-peer architecture to increase performance for live-streaming.

This tool solves the common problem of server failure and overloading in the client-server model.

It uses a tracker to get the users who have the requested file and download the files simultaneously from them.
This platform is licensed under the MIT License and written with Python.

12- MyTube


MyTube is an open-source video-sharing website.
It is licensed under the MIT License and written with Python and JavaScript.

13- FHV Stream

FHV Stream

FHV is an abbreviation of FileHosting-VIDEO-STREAM that is written with PHP. It is an open-source modern file hosting script.
It can help you to upload files, manage files, support nested folders, it has a beautiful interface, you can upload files via URL, COPY, FTP, API.

14- We-TeVe


We-TeVe is an open-source online video platform. It seems like youtube but with a more advanced option. It is written with PHP and JavaScript and licensed under the GPL-3.0 License.

15- vidx-video-sharing

vidx-video-sharing is one of the video-sharing platforms written in python that can register, Sign into, Logout, Ability to vote on videos, order by Category, see if voted on a particular video, repost videos to your profile page.


As you have seen in this post so far, there are many open-source YouTube alternatives to use. However, those tools should be just enough for doing your basic work.

If you have any other suggestions about software to add to this list, we will be happy to check them out.

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