3 Tips and Tricks for Creating Incredible Photos to Share Online

3 Tips and Tricks for Creating Incredible Photos to Share Online

The web is awash with photos, the vast majority of which are merely adequate, and so end up blending into one another when they’re viewed by people scrolling through their social feeds in a daze.

If you instead want people to stop and take notice of the photos you post, here are some tips and tricks that you can apply both to your professional and personal photography efforts.

Exploring Unique Angles and Perspectives

Isn't it astonishing how changing your viewpoint can completely revamp an image? That's the magic of experimenting with unique angles and perspectives.

For instance, if you're photographing a pet or a child, instead of capturing them from above (which is our typical view), consider shooting at their eye level. By doing this, not only do you present a fresh perspective to your viewers but also make your subjects look more engaging by 'humanizing' them in the final photo. This technique instantly transforms an otherwise mundane photograph into something intimate and compelling.

On another note, super low or high vantage points can create exciting drama in landscape photos as well, such as by making mountains loom larger or giving clouds the impression they are within arm’s reach.

One caveat in this context is that although variety is good, purpose should be paramount. Every shift in angle must add context or enhance storytelling. Random variations might just confuse your viewer instead of impressing them. This matters more in a digital marketing context, of course, since this is one of many tools businesses rely on today, and so has to be handled effectively.

Changing Your Photo's Backdrop

The space surrounding your subject can elevate or undermine an image significantly. A great backdrop brings coherence and drama, setting the mood without distracting from the main focus. However, don't despair if perfect settings aren’t on hand while shooting. Since you can use tools to change the backdrop in a click, you don’t need a degree in photo editing to achieve excellent results in seconds.

For example, aim for minimalistic backgrounds when shooting product photos online. This allows viewers’ eyes to pay attention solely to your item. Digital backdrops give room for you to make seamless tweaks until that clean look is achieved.

Or suppose you are photographing portraits, but have to contend with gaudy wallpaper or messy rooms, and feel that a serene beach or peaceful forest scene be more appealing. With equal parts creativity and careful application of digital tools, it’s possible to switch those elements out convincingly.

A note of caution though, as moderation is key! Replacement backdrops should blend naturally with lighting conditions and make sense within the overall context so they don’t jar viewers' perception. If not, you’ll get that uncanny effect that’s more often associated with old fashioned green screen techniques used in the movies, which can be off-putting and cheesy.

Creating Dynamic Action Shots

Dynamic action shots can inject life and energy into your online photo collection. Whether it's capturing a flying bird, an athlete in motion, or your kid's first bike ride (sans training wheels!), the trick is timing and the right settings.

Beginner photographers often struggle with blurry photos when dealing with fast-moving subjects. To circumvent this issue, increase your shutter speed. Think about setting it to at least 1/1000th of a second for sports photography.

Also, take multiple shots in burst mode, as most DSLRs and modern smartphones have this function these days. This increases the probability you'll freeze that 'decisive moment' perfectly, where expressions are just right, or movements are peaking.

Also consider panning, which is an advanced technique where you move your camera along with the moving subject while taking the shot. The resulting images maintain focus on your subject but show motion blur on static areas, which gives a dramatic perception of speed even in a still snap.

Don’t forget composition rules as well, as even dynamic pictures should create visual balance to captivate viewers fully. Lastly, be aware that patience pays off and practice makes perfect when it comes to stunning action shots.

The Bottom Line

While a trio of tips and tricks might not seem like a lot to go on, they truly can make a world of difference to the types of photos you take and upload to the internet. So whether you’ve got a work-related project to complete, or you just want to impress your pals, experiment with all that we’ve discussed.

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