4 Types of Online Tools for Nursing Students

4 Types of Online Tools for Nursing Students

In today's fast-paced world, nursing schools are evolving and adapting online tools to improve the learning experience, with even online nursing schools and post-graduate studies like master of nursing online now.

As you navigate your nursing school journey, online resources can offer you support and study better by clearing your concepts and improving your practice skills. Many great e-tools have up-to-date medical information, research journals, nursing and learning tips, and clinical resources. However, with so much information, it can be overwhelming for you to find the right resources. Here are four types of online tools to help you study nursing school or postgraduate nursing subjects.

1- Apps to Help Learn Medications in Pharmacology

One of nursing school's biggest struggles is learning the names of many medications in pharmacology. You can use apps like Epocrates to make this easier by providing you with a drug reference guide. You can refer to them swiftly rather than reviewing multiple articles or your textbook. One of the most helpful features of advanced apps is the drug interaction calculator and medical math calculators that can allow you to calculate the medicines for your patients quickly and accurately.

2- Apps to Help Learning Anatomy and Physiology

You need to memorize many things in anatomy and physiology, making them tricky subjects. One of the ways to make this memorization easier is to study by using visual learning – memorizing your study material through pictures and videos. According to a study, you retain 65% of what you learned visually.

Apps like Visible Body have human body maps, and are excellent online tools for learning and improving your physiology and anatomy knowledge. You can use the human atlas or the skeletal, muscular, and circulatory systems maps to learn about the human body. Studying anatomy from these maps will help you improve your clinical skills, as they're more similar to the human body due to their 3D nature..

3- Staying Up to Date on Medical News

You will need exceptional clinical skills to become a good nurse, and you'll need to diagnose and consult your patients about their condition and how to live healthy at every checkup. Reading articles and news on websites like Healthline will make this easy for you so you can consult your patients better. It even has articles on how students can decrease stress levels and be healthy.

Find content on diets and exercises for good health and preventative care, which you can use to build your knowledge to help your patients in the future. These sites also have articles on all kinds of health conditions and their treatment. The latest advancements and updates in the medical world, like news about drug trials and clinical research, will let you keep up with the latest industry news.

As a future nurse, visiting websites and communities made especially for nurses can help you stay updated with the nursing world, for example, the Lippincott Nursing Center. These sites also help you with your professional life by having a list of job-locating websites recommended by nurses. They have an events calendar with all nursing webinars and conferences you can attend to build your resume and socialize.

You can find content to help you while studying through their many peer-reviewed journals, eBooks, and research articles. The Nursing Center has an entire clinical section dedicated to nursing with drug handbooks, physical assessments, skill tips, and quizzes.


Due to technological advancements, you can find online tools to help nursing students with their studies and careers. To get help with pharmacology, use apps for drug reference guides and drug interaction charts, making it easy to learn about medications. Similarly, sites with realistic depictions of the human body with 3D maps and videos on anatomy and physiology will enable you to learn swiftly. Go through medicine, health, and nursing-related sites for the latest research and advancements to help you stay updated with the medical industry to help you consult your patients better.

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