8 Best Free and Libre Medicine Reminders For Android

8 Best Free and Libre Medicine Reminders For Android
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Medicine reminder apps are designed to help patients, caregivers set timely repeated medication reminders, track their medication and make sure not to miss any medication.

Many patients require these type of apps especially, ones with diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension, heart problems and many others.

In this post, we offer you a collection of the best open source and free medicine reminder apps for Android devices.

1- Medic Log

Medic Log is a free open-source privacy-first personal health record (PHR) app with medicine reminder functionality.

It enables you to keep an updated record of all health related parameters, and export them in a portable CSV format.

For its medicine reminder option, you can add unlimited medication and schedule your reminders with simple clicks.

You can also set different profiles for family members, and add specific medicine reminders for them.

Medic Log is available on the F-Droid application store.

2- Daily Pill

The Daily Pill app is a simple user-friendly medicine reminder for anyone who want to track and set reminders for their medicine.

It is available on both F-Droid and Google Play Store.

3- Calendula

Calendula is an old yet popular medicine reminder that supports multiple user, profiles and comes with a nifty interface for all sort of users.

It is ideal for mothers, nurses, caretakers, and family users.

4- Simpill

Simpill is a free and open-source application for medication reminders. It does not contain any ads or trackers nor does it collect any data on its users. You can block internet access to Simpill, and it will still work perfectly.

Simpill also allows you to track your medication supply and set a refill date reminder.

5- RxDroid

RxDroid is a free simple medication reminder that allows easy medication management for patients and caretakers.

The app allows you to set medication, dosage, method, and repeat this medication reminder as required.

RxDroid is a free open source app that you can get from F-Droid and Google Play stores.

6- TakeYourPills

TakeYourPills is a user-friendly medication reminder that anyone can download from the Google Play Store. However, it contains ads, but it gets 100k+ downloads.

The app supports multiple profiles which makes it an ideal choice for mothers, caretakers, and nurses.

Unlike other similar apps, this one offers you an overdose warning, visual history for your medication and activities, and locked screen notification.

7- Medisafe Pill and Med Reminder

Medisafe Pill and Med Reminder app is not an open source, nor totally free as it contains ads and in-app purchase, yet it is the most popular medication reminder on Google Play Store.

It includes a user-friendly clean interface, charts, visual presentation for medication history, and one-click add reminder option.

The app also allows users to invite their caregivers, and check for drugs interactions for the current medication.

8- MyTherapy Pill Reminder

MyTherapy is an ad-free, award-winning pill reminder and medication tracker. But it is more than a free medication reminder: Combining a pill tracker, mood tracker, and a health journal, e.g. with a weight tracker, this medication reminder app allows you and your doctor to put your treatment’s success into perspective.

If you know of any other free and open source medication reminders for Android that are worth mentioning here, let us know.

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