API Dash - Free App to Build and Test API Endpoints, With Amazing Code Generator Option

API Dash - Free App to Build and Test API Endpoints, With Amazing Code Generator Option

API Dash is a free open-source API client built with Flutter, and it's a great alternative to services like Postman or Insomnia.

What I love about it is that it lets you easily make and tweak your API requests, check out responses in a visual way, and even generate API integration code. It's super useful for anyone who works with APIs on a regular basis.

API Dash has a pretty intuitive interface that guides you through making and customizing your requests. Plus, its response visualization feature really helps you understand what's coming back from your API calls, which can be a lifesaver when you're trying to troubleshoot and refine your requests.

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↗️ Create & Customize API Requests

  • Create different types of HTTP requests (GETHEADPOSTPATCHPUT and DELETE).
  • Easily manipulate and play around with request inputs like headersquery parameters and body.
  • Full support to send text content with 🥳 Unicode/Emoji and preview any API response containing Unicode/Emoji.

💼 Organize Requests in Collections & Folders

  • Create collections and folders to organize your requests.
  • Press and Drag to Re-arrange requests.
  • Click and open popup menu to rename, duplicate and delete a request.

🔎 Visually Preview and Download Data & Multimedia API Responses

  • Inspect the API Response (HTTP status code, error message, headers, body, time taken).
  • View formatted code previews for responses of various content types like JSONXMLYAMLHTMLSQL, etc.
  • API Dash helps explore, test & preview Multimedia API responses which is not supported by any other API client. You can directly test APIs that return images, PDF, audio & more. Check out the full list of supported mimetypes/formats here.
  • Save 💾 response body of any mimetype (imagetext, etc.) directly in the Downloads folder of your system by clicking on the Download button.

👩🏻‍💻 Code Generation

  • We started out as the only open source API client which supported advanced Dart code generation to easily integrate APIs in Dart/Flutter projects or to directly run it on DartPad. With time we have added more code-gens and currently API Dash supports generation of well-tested integration codes for JavaScriptPythonKotlin & various other languages. You can check out the full list of supported languages/libraries.

🌙 Full Dark Mode Support

  • Easily switch between light mode and dark mode.

💾 Data

  • Data is persisted locally on the disk. To save the current snapshot, just press the Save button in the collection pane.
  • Click and open the collection/folder popup menu to export it as HAR. This can be version controlled & can be directly imported in other API Clients like Postman, Paw, etc.
  • Export your entire data into a HAR (HTTP Archive) file. To access this option goto Settings > Export Data.

⚙️ Settings & Other Options

  • Customize various options using a dedicated Settings screen.
  • Window Configuration (Size & Position) is persisted and restored on app start. (Only macOS & Windows)

Built-in Code Generators for Your API Endpoints

API Dash supports code generation for API integration. This feature is beneficial for developers as it automates the process of writing code that interacts with APIs.

It caters to a variety of programming languages and libraries, making it versatile and suitable for different development environments. However, the specific languages and libraries it supports are not mentioned.

JavaScript (node.js)axios
JavaScript (node.js)fetch
RustActix Client

Supported Platforms and Systems

  • Windows (64-bit)
  • macOS Intel
  • macOS Apple Silicon
  • Linux Debian and Ubuntu
  • Linux Fedora
  • Linux Arch Linux

Tech Stack

The app is written primarily using the Flutter framework and Dart language.


API Dash is released and distributed under the open-source license, the Apache2.0 License.

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