BRouter: An Open-source Offline-first Cycling Routing App

Configurable OSM offline router with elevation awareness, Java + Android

BRouter: An Open-source Offline-first Cycling Routing App
Photo by Martin Magnemyr / Unsplash

Cyclists often require a routing management app to organize their training and cycling practice. While, there are many apps who do this, almost all are not free or open source. Moreover, many apps of these apps do not respect the user's privacy.

With BRouter, it is different. Foremost, it is totally, free and open-source. It also works completely offline as you download the routing map to your device and make it available offline.

But the most advantage of using it is: it comes without any tracking scripts, and it never shares your data with any third-party service. Also, there is no in-app purchase or in app advertisements.

The developer also offers an online web version that allows you to use it through your web browser.


  1. It uses freely configurable routing profiles.
  2. It works fully offline on any Android phone and is interfaced to some of the most popular Android map tools.
  3. It uses a sophisticated routing-algorithm with elevation consideration.
  4. It offers alternative route calculations.
  5. It supports via and nogo-points.
  6. It can consider long distance cycle routes.
  7. Routing data is available worldwide with automatic weekly updates.



The project is an open-source, and it is released under the MIT License.


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