Build A SaaS system with This Django SaaS Boilerplate

Build A SaaS system with This Django SaaS Boilerplate
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The djaodjin-saas project is a Django application that implements the logic to support subscription-based Sofware-as-a-Service businesses.

The project aids Django developers to start writing their SaaS project directly as it has all structures ready, such as profiles, user, customer management and accounting.

However, the developer can choose which payment service to integrate with the system later on.

This project contains barebone templates which are compatible with Django and Jinja2 template engines. To see djaodjin-saas in action as part of a full-fledged subscription-based session proxy, take a look at djaoapp.

Note that the project is not an open-source, so you may not use it in any commercial project. But we listed it here for educational purposes.


  1. User profiles manager
  2. Customer profiles
  3. Double entry bookkeeping ledger
  4. Rich security layers
  5. Complete customer subscription cycle
  6. Pricing models control
  7. Advanced ACL (Access-Control List)
  8. Rich user groups and permissions manager
  9. Developer-friendly API
  10. Cronjob and periodic tasks' manager
  11. Built-in CMS support
  12. Full-text search
  13. Multiple Database support: MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, PostgreSQL
  14. Django admin enabled


Tested with

  • Python: 3.7, Django: 3.2 (LTS), Django Rest Framework: 3.12
  • Python: 3.10, Django: 4.0 (latest), Django Rest Framework: 3.12
  • Python: 2.7, Django: 1.11 (legacy), Django Rest Framework: 3.9.4


The project is NOT licensed under any open-source licensed, and it does require permission to be used in commercial projects.


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