Cabal is a fairly new experimental p2p protocol and messaging apps that allow user to exchange messages and files.

It does not require any central server, or even create one, all is needed is the Cabal address which is a secret key that can be shared among friends, teams, and groups.

Cabal works on the internet, but it works as well on your local network as you can chat directly with the users connected on the same network without the need to any internet access.

Cabal is encrypted by a symmetric key, however, IP address is not hidden.

IP addresses are not hidden. By sniffing internet or local network traffic you could potentially discover who is involved in a cabal.


Cabal has implemented a subjective moderation system. What that means is that everyone is an admin from their own perspective.

Supported platforms

  1. Linux: Ubuntu, Debian RHEL, Fedora, CentoOS, openSUSE, Linux Mint, Solus OS, MX Linux, Arch Linux, and Manjaro Linux.
  2. macOS
  3. Windows 8+