Convert image to Text with this Free App: Capture2Text OCR

Convert image to Text with this Free App: Capture2Text OCR
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Convert image to Text with this multilingual free app: Capture2Text

Capture2Text is a free open-source OCR that allows you to convert any image capture to text. It supports about 90+ languages so far and comes with a highly customized shortcuts.

Alongside its rich graphical user interface (GUI), Capture2Text also offers a command-line interface CLI that an advanced user can use to batch convert many images with one command.

The app can be used to export text from manga and comic books, as it easily identify the written text, and copy the OCR text to the clipboard.


  • Supports 90+ languages
  • Highly customizable (keyboard shortcuts, output options, etc.)
  • Google Translate support
  • Text-to-speech support
  • Both GUI and CLI support
  • No installation required


Supported languages

By default, the app supports more than 90 languages, starting with English, Spanish, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, German, and more.

In the following is a table of the all supported languages:

Afrikaans (afr) Greek (ell) Odiya (ori)
Albanian (sqi) Gujarati (guj) Panjabi (pan)
Amharic (amh) Haitian (hat) Persian (fas)
Ancient Greek (grc) Hebrew (heb) Polish (pol)
Arabic (ara) Hindi (hin) Portuguese (por)
Assamese (asm) Hungarian (hun) Pushto (pus)
Azerbaijani (aze) Icelandic (isl) Romanian (ron)
Basque (eus) Indic (inc) Russian (rus)
Belarusian (bel) Indonesian (ind) Sanskrit (san)
Bengali (ben) Inuktitut (iku) Serbian (srp)
Bosnian (bos) Irish (gle) Sinhala (sin)
Bulgarian (bul) Italian (ita) Slovak (slk)
Burmese (mya) Japanese (jpn) Slovenian (slv)
Catalan (cat) Javanese (jav) Spanish (spa)
Cebuano (ceb) Kannada (kan) Swahili (swa)
Central Khmer (khm) Kazakh (kaz) Swedish (swe)
Cherokee (chr) Kirghiz (kir) Syriac (syr)
Chinese - Simplified (chi_sim) Korean (kor) Tagalog (tgl)
Chinese - Traditional (chi_tra) Kurukh (kru) Tajik (tgk)
Croatian (hrv) Lao (lao) Tamil (tam)
Czech (ces) Latin (lat) Telugu (tel)
Danish (dan) Latvian (lav) Thai (tha)
Dutch (nld) Lithuanian (lit) Tibetan (bod)
Dzongkha (dzo) Macedonian (mkd) Tigrinya (tir)
English (eng) Malay (msa) Turkish (tur)
Esperanto (epo) Malayalam (mal) Uighur (uig)
Estonian (est) Maltese (mlt) Ukrainian (ukr)
Finnish (fin) Marathi (mar) Urdu (urd)
Frankish (frk) Math/Equations (equ) Uzbek (uzb)
French (fra) Middle English (1100-1500) (enm) Vietnamese (vie)
Galician (glg) Middle French (1400-1600) (frm) Welsh (cym)
Georgian (kat) Nepali (nep) Yiddish (yid)
German (deu) Norwegian (nor)

Supported platforms

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8/8.1
  • Windows 10


The app is released as a free Libre open-source software (FLOSS) under the GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3).


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