CasaOS is your self-hosted Open-source Personal Cloud

CasaOS is your self-hosted Open-source Personal Cloud

What is a Personal Cloud?

A self-hosted personal cloud not only offers full control over data and its security but also provides benefits like cost-effectiveness as it eliminates the recurring costs associated with public cloud services.

It also ensures data privacy as all the information is stored on a personal server, not on a third-party cloud.

Additionally, it offers better performance in terms of data access and transfer speeds, as the data doesn't have to travel over the internet. Lastly, it provides flexibility as it can be customized to fit specific needs and requirements.

What is CasaOS?

CasaOS is a comprehensive, free, and open-source self-hosted personal cloud system. It is designed with a focus on ease of use and can be installed conveniently on any server. Apart from its simplicity, CasaOS offers a broad range of useful features. It is a robust solution for those seeking to maintain control over their personal data while enjoying the benefits of cloud storage.

CasaOS has an ambitious goal set for the next half-decade. It aims to establish a personal cloud system, priced under $100, which would revolutionize the way we manage and store data. This personal cloud would serve as a cost-effective solution for data collaboration, specifically tailored for creators and small-scale organizations. It would function as a hub for storing, managing, and sharing data in a secure and efficient manner.

Further, CasaOS envisions this personal cloud to serve another key role: connecting and controlling smart devices. By doing so, it would provide local intelligent services, effectively transforming the way we interact with our smart devices at home or at work.

But the vision for CasaOS's personal cloud extends beyond just data management and smart device control. It could also employ personal data as a resource to train personalized AI assistants. This approach could provide a solution to consumer data asset ownership issues that are prevalent today. By leveraging personal data for AI training, the system would provide users with more control over their data and a more personalized user experience.

In essence, CasaOS is not just aiming to provide a low-cost solution. It is striving to redefine the way we interact with data, smart devices, and AI, aiming to offer a more personalized, secure, and cost-effective computing solution.


  • Simple Setup
    • It takes mins t get it up and running
  • Friendly UI designed for home scenarios
    • No code, no forms, intuitive, design for humanity
  • Multiple hardware and base system support
    • ZimaBoard, NUC, RPi, old computers, whatever is available.
  • Selected apps in the app store, one-click installation
    • Nextcloud, HomeAssistant, AdGuard, Jellyfin, *arr and more!
  • Easily install numerous Docker apps
    • Over 100,000 apps from the Docker ecosystem can be easily installed
  • Elegant drive and file management
    • What you see is what you get. No technical background required.
  • Well-designed system/app widgets
    • What you care about, at a glance. Resource usage, app status, and more!

System Compatibility

It offers multiple hardware support

    • AMD64/ x86-64
    • ARM64
    • ARMv7

Supported Systems

Official Support

  • Debian 12 (✅ Tested, Recommended)
  • Ubuntu Server 20.04 (✅ Tested)
  • Raspberry Pi OS (✅ Tested)

Community Support

  • Elementary 6.1 (✅ Tested)
  • Armbian 22.04 (✅ Tested)
  • Alpine (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)
  • OpenWrt (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)
  • ArchLinux (🚧 Not Fully Tested Yet)


  • Apache-2.0 License

Resources & Downloads

GitHub - IceWhaleTech/CasaOS: CasaOS - A simple, easy-to-use, elegant open-source Personal Cloud system.
CasaOS - A simple, easy-to-use, elegant open-source Personal Cloud system. - IceWhaleTech/CasaOS

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