DiamanteDesk is an enterprise ticketing support system and help desk solution. It aims to meet all the features that the business needs.

The aim from it is to help businesses and companies to improve customer service.

With it, you can send e-mails, private messages via Facebook. It has the ability to customize software according to your own business logic and add features that get your needs. It has the ability to resolve all queries


It is also coming to organize all incoming customer requests from (e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, phone, requests from website, etc.) in  a single place. Furthermore, it designed to help big and small companies.

The open-source DiamanteDesk project has extra development and integration like as building strong community around the product.



  1. Scalability  
  2. Extensibility
  3. Flexibility
  4. Reliability
  5. Open source
  6. Free
  7. Open-source
  8. Deep integrations with CRM systems
  9. Full control of the system via API
  10. Easy-to-use
  11. Automates internal support processes
  12. Decreasing waiting time
  13. Decreasing labor costs
  14. Increasing customer's satisfaction and loyalty
  15. Tickets storage
  16. Overall customer satisfaction.
  17. Evaluate effectiveness of staff
  18. Support requests from different communication channels
  19. Create tickets for each incoming request
  20. Makes possible reverse communication through the same channel
  21. Automation of processes reduces probability of the"human error"

Tech Stack

It based on PHP 5, Symfony2, Oro Platform, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.


  • PHP: 7.2 or higher and less than 8.
  • Processor: Clock Cycle 1 Ghz or higher.
  • For MySQL users: 5.7.23 or higher.
  • Composer: 1.6.5 or higher and less than 2.


The community edition is released under the Open Software License (OSL 3.0).