Guess you have an e-commerce store business, or a product, and it is growing, gaining more customers, then you get many questions lined up.

The problem is that your team cannot provide a timely response to all of them, unanswered questions not being able to give instant support to customers makes all the difference in having happy customers and having no customers at all this is where ticket system comes in with.

By using the ticketing system, help desk team can view and answer all the tickets from a shared inbox either from their desktop or a mobile device a shared inbox allows them to see who is working on a ticket which tickets are pending, review customer history and even assign tickets to other agents and more.

A ticketing system is an incident management system, It is also considered an inventory system that lets you manage user tickets, organize your support process, assign the task to IT teams or help-desk teams.

Some CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions comes with built-in ticketing system, so you may consider using an open-source CRM solution, and for that, check our open-source CRM list: Top 23 Open-source Free CRM Self-hosted systems.  Or if you are looking for a CRM for a healthcare enterprise setup, you may check our other list: 10 Open-source CRM solutions for Healthcare.

Besides, ticketing management system is widely applied in healthcare web development, Ticketing software helps hospitals and healthcare agencies to provide on-time customer service, response automation and improve patient compliant tracking.

Establishing ticket tracking will affect better customer experience, improve prioritization and management of tasks whatever your business specialty is.

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In this article, we are covering free and open-source ticketing systems for different platforms; therefore we have excluded several open-source help desk solutions with integrated features-rich ticketing modules.

Benefits of using ticking support system

  1. Improve the quality of the service provided
  2. Ensure customers loyalty
  3. Increase customer satisfaction
  4. Increase revenue

Open-soure free ticketing support systems

1- FreeScout

FreeScout is the super lightweight and powerful PHP-based free open source help desk. It can be easily deployed even on a shared hosting.

FreeScout features:

  • Unlimited support agents, tickets, mailboxes, etc.
  • Elegant user-friendly interface.
  • Seamless email integration.
  • Push notifications.
  • Free mobile apps for iOS and Android.
  • Web installer.
  • Internal notes.
  • Flexible notifications for user agents.
  • Auto replies.
  • Open tracking.
  • API.
  • Custom modules.
  • Saved replies.
  • End-user portal.
  • Knowledge base.
  • Live chat.
  • WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack integration.

If you need to know what else FreeScout provides, check out all of its features here:

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2- UVdesk


UVdesk is a free open-source helpdesk ticket system, It was built for delivering the best customer support. It was released as open-source software under MIT License.

UVdesk features:

  1. Open-source helpdesk
  2. Highly customizable
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Mailbox configuration
  5. Saved replies
  6. Ticket formation
  7. Ticket management
  8. User management
  9. Workflow
  10. Branding

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

3- Osticket


Osticket is a free and open-source ticket system, It has been built to scale and streamline customer service and improve customer experience. Osticket has custom support packages for business needs and budgets.

Osticket features:

  1. Custom fields
  2. Custom columns and queues
  3. Ticket filters
  4. Help topics
  5. Agent collision avoidance
  6. Assign, transfer, and referral
  7. Auto-responder
  8. Thread action
  9. Service-level agreements
  10. Customer portal
  11. Advanced search
  12. Open-source
  13. Has commercial version

4- Opensupports


OpenSupports is a free open-source Ticket System for businesses. It has a simple admin panel. OpenSupports built primarily with PHP and ReactJS. It was released as open-source software under GPL-3.0 License.

OpenSupports features:

  1. Responsive design
  2. Statistics
  3. Custom Responses
  4. Articles and Topics
  5. Staff members
  6. Departments
  7. Open-source
  8. Multi Language
  9. reCAPTCHA Support
  10. Registration API Keys
  11. Let you write articles for common issues or FAQs

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

To know more about all OpenSupports features, check our snap review.

5- Hesk


Hesk is a free help desk system aiming for Better Customer Support for companies and businesses. Hesk started in 2005. Hesk was downloaded by 600,000 times.

Hesk features:

  1. Cloud help desk available
  2. Faster response time
  3. Less support work
  4. Better customer support with custom workflow and redefined templates
  5. Lightweight
  6. Free
  7. Self-hosted
  8. Supports many cloud service providers
  9. Reports and charts
  10. Simple and easy-to-use interface

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

6- DiamanteDesk


DiamanteDesk is a free open-source customer service software, built for big and small businesses, but it has advanced features that will improve the customer support experience of your service.

DiamanteDesk features:

  1. Open-source
  2. In-depth integrations with CRM systems
  3. Full control of the system via API
  4. User-friendly tool designed
  5. It organizes the support workflow
  6. Full-text search
  7. Self-hosted
  8. Complete headless mode

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download it from here.

7- Ticketit


Ticketit is a free open-source simple helpdesk ticket system. It is built to be integrated smoothly with Laravel default users and authentication system.

Ticketit features:

  1. Open-Source
  2. Simple installation
  3. Integration process
  4. Tracking graphs
  5. Dashboard with statistics
  6. Allow images upload
  7. Simple text editor

Platform: Linux and Windows, and macOS.

To get all Ticketit features, we got you covered with this article: Ticketit: Open-source Laravel-based Ticketing System.

8- Zammad


Zammad is a free open-source Ticketing System, it was established in 2016. It was released as open-source software under GPL-3.0 License.

Zammad developers have provided the users to choose PHP.

Zammad features:

  1. Open-source
  2. Reporting
  3. Messages stream control
  4. Chat user-interface
  5. Integration
  6. Productivity
  7. Easy migration of your existing data
  8. Absolute data security
  9. flexible
  10. Simple and easy-to-use interface
  11. Multitasking

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, openSUSE, CentOS).

9- FAVO helpdesk


FAVO helpdesk is a free web-based ticketing System build on the Laravel framework, it provides businesses with an automated help desk system. It was released as open-source software under the OSL-3.0 license.

FAVO helpdesk features:

  1. Open-source software
  2. Seamless email integration
  3. Company branded
  4. Priority support
  5. Unlimited and affordable
  6. Self-service
  7. Integrated with multiple platforms
  8. Can be customized according to the requirement
  9. Notification management
  10. Email and in-app notification

Platforms: Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

10- HelpDeskZ


HelpDeskZ is a free PHP-based software for managing your site's support for better customer service. HelpDeskZ works with PHP 7.2 or higher. It was released as an open-source solution under the GPL-2.0 License.

HelpDeskZ features:

  1. Offer a quality support
  2. Increase your productivity
  3. FREE
  4. Open-source
  5. Self-hosted
  6. Knowledge base

Platforms: web-based solution, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

11- Web+Center

Web+Center is an open-source easy to use web-based help desk application for businesses such as IT help desk, asset tracking, customer support, and facilities management.

Web+Center features:

  1. Free and affordable
  2. Multi-projects support
  3. Images and files support
  4. Reporting and charts
  5. Email-to-Case feature
  6. Geo-Location Tracking
  7. SMS notification options
  8. Knowledge base
  9. Designed to be integrated with your website
  10. Open-source
  11. Reports
  12. Automated customer surveys
  13. Local language configurable

Platforms: Run onsite or in the cloud and support all browser-based devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

12- Handesk


Handesk a modular self-hosted powerful ticketing system, it was built to provide companies with multiple teams, multiple users, easy and efficient reporting.

Handesk is a Laravel Help Desk and lead management app. Handesk supports multi-language. It has been released as an open-source solution under  MIT license.

Handesk features:

  1. Open-source
  2. Email polling
  3. Tasks management
  4. Leads management
  5. Email attachments as ticket attachments
  6. Unlimited tasks, projects, and leads
  7. Tickets reporting
  8. Tickets can be escalated
  9. Support multi-language
  10. Can merge tickets
  11. Reports and charts
  12. in-app notification
  13. Auto-lead subscription to Mailchimp based on its tags

Platforms: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

13- Trudesk


Trudesk is a complete self-hosted open-source solution for a help desk built for companies with Node.JS and MongoDB. It has fully Quickly resolved issues and tasks. Trudesk is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

Trudesk features:

  1. Open-Source
  2. Mobile and tablet support with a complete responsive design
  3. Clean user-interface
  4. Real-time tickets and updates
  5. Security permissions
  6. Cloud-hosted
  7. Live support chat
  8. Visual data presentation
  9. Charts and reporting
  10. In-app notification
  11. Mailbox management
  12. Reporting
  13. JavaScript SDK

Platforms: Ubuntu 16.04, cloud provider, docker, bare-metal, or even a Raspberry Pi.

14- OpenDesk


OpenDesk is a free open-source ticketing system. Its full feature optimizes office desk utilization solutions for small and medium-sized companies. OpenDesk helps employees to reserve their office desks when they work from the office. It was released under GPL-3.0 License.

OpenDesk features:

  1. It helps you to update or remove the existing infrastructure setup.
  2. Open-source
  3. Tickets management
  4. Projects management
  5. Leads management
  6. Multi-user level (admins, managers, .... )
  7. Dashboard with rich widgets
  8. Modify existing reservations.
  9. Booking confirmation alert
  10. Cancellation of existing reservations.
  11. The perfect choice for small and medium-size companies and enterprise organizations.

Platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

15- QuickDesk


QuickDesk is a free open-source help desk software for small companies, It provides full customer support. It developed in ASP.NET MVC | SQL Server Database. It was released under GPL-3.0 License.

QuickDesk features:

  1. Open-source
  2. Dashboard with Status Counts
  3. Knowledge base
  4. Delete & Restore Ticket
  5. General settings
  6. Replying on Ticket
  7. Managing Cache, Overdue, Escalation, Closing
  8. Setting up SMTP
  9. Dashboard with Status Counts
  10. Escalation
  11. Reporting

Platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Review all QuickDesk features here.

16- React Help Desk

React Help Desk

React Help Desk is an open-source program for live chat. It has a React/Redux front end and Node.js back end. The backend has a control panel that lets you manage multiple chats. It was released as open-source software under MIT License.

React Help Desk features:

  1. Open-source
  2. Real-time chat
  3. React/Redux client, Node/Express server
  4. Typing indicators and notification sounds
  5. Allow you to send an SMS to the admin
  6. Easy to integrate with an existing site

Platforms: Linux, Windows, and macOS.



OTOBO is a free self-hosted web-based ticketing system. It was built using open-source web technologies, featuring an easy-to-use user interface with a fast implementation and easy customization to your needs. It is easy to install if you are familiar with Perl solutions.

OTOBO features:

  1. Dashboard with all important information
  2. Clear, compact ticket overview
  3. The dynamic panel creates space and order
  4. More safety
  5. Modern customer portal
  6. Optimized forms
  7. Statistics / reporting
  8. Automation notification and process management

Platform: Cloud self-hosted, Linux, Windows, macOS, and Client Web browser.

18- Livehelperchat


Livehelperchat is a free, open-source powered application with live helper support for a website. It Requires PHP, MySQL. It was released under Apache-2.0 License.

Livehelperchat features:

  1. Featuring web and mobile apps
  2. Support Voice and Video and ScreenShare
  3. Supports Telegram, Twilio (WhatsApp), Facebook Messenger including building a bot.
  4. Integration with many Platforms (Mobile app, Rest API, Node.js, Docker…).
  5. Has quick development guide
  6. Chats
  7. SMTP/ HTTPS support
  8. Multi-language
  9. Windows, Linux, and Mac-native applications.

Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac-native applications, and more.

Final thought

There are many options and solutions to consider if you are facing the power consumption problem with customers, trying one of those open-sources may be you will find the software that good for you.

Do you use any other software or solutions to solve customer issue? What are they?, please add them in the comments blew.

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