Hesk is a simple open-source ticketing system. It comes with two company versions that let you choose from them.

The platform downloaded from over than  650,000 times. It is a features-rich and comes with a large set of integration options that make it ideal to use for a company.

These platform support different types of customer services because it uses two versions that you can choose from them that let you improve customer service.

The two version is Help Desk Software HESK, and Powerful Service Desk SysAid, and they come with different features.

SysAid centralized solution help managing all your IT tasks. It is  complete ITSM solution.


HESK helps enterprises to resolve common issues quickly by addressing them in the knowledge base, stay in control of your customer support. It is power and simplicity software.



  1. Lightweight
  2. FREE
  3. Informative rich dashboard
  4. Better Customer Support
  5. Faster Response Time
  6. Cloud help desk available
  7. Team management
  8. Template management
  9. Task categories
  10. self-service portal
  11. knowledge base
  12. Asset management
  13. Completely customizable
  14. Supporting unlimited custom fields/forms
  15. effective help desk software
  16. user-friendly interface
  17. reporting
  18. analytics
  19. best-of-breed integrations
  20. Ticket insights
  21. Responsive user-interface
  22. import and export