Create a live chat support system with this remarkable Libra solution: LiveHelperChat

An interactive chat widget embedded in a website or a web app provides a direct communication live channel between the customer (visitor/ user) and the service provider.

Chat widgets are reliable and easy support channels and ticket sources for many enterprise ticketing and support systems.

Some CRM solutions have integrated LiveChat support systems and support ticket management solution. We covered 23 open-source CRM solutions here, we recommend checking them out.

While many embedded chat widgets come as SaaS, our topic of the day LiveHelperChat is free and open-source.

LiveHelperChat is an integrated chat widget software with a rich reactive browser-compatible dashboard. It allows you to install and manage a highly sophisticated ticketing and support system based on your website chat button.

Remigijus Kiminas (a software engineer from Lithuania), created LiveHelperChat as an open-source alternative to many SaaS solutions like, LiveAgent and Chaport.

He did a remarkable job creating a complete real-time support system that can be integrated into any web app. He also made sure, his system works with Telegram, Twilio, Facebook Messenger and integrates well with chatbots.

The system also plays well with other open-source systems team collaboration and messaging systems like Mattermost.

If you prefer to use Slack for your business communication and customer support, no worries, LiveHelperChat can integrate seamlessly into a Slack channel.

Because it is a developer-friendly system, LiveHelperChat is customizable, which is ideal for SMB (Small and Medium Size Businesses) and large-scale enterprises.

Many online similar services, do not support RTL (Right-to-Left) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Urdu. Unlike these expensive services, LiveHelperChat offers built-in support for these languages out-of-box.

Why do we like LiveHelperChat?

  • Uses open-source technologies: React, PHP/ MySQL/ MariaDB/ Apache or Nginx
  • Apache License 2.0
  • Integration with dozens of services and open-source projects
  • Rich features
  • Extensions
  • RTL support (Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew)
  • Install wizard
  • Kanban style dashboard page
  • Embedded code generation
  • DigitalOcean marketplace (takes less than 2 mins to have your support live chat system up and running)
  • Mobile client
  • Windows, macOS clients
  • Browser extensions
  • Developer-friendly
  • Laravel PHP framework support
  • Mobile app with Flutter
  • Voice, Video and ScreenShare support

Primary features

  1. Open-source (Apache 2.0 license)
  2. Self-hosted
  3. Lightweight chat widget
  4. Rich features back-office (dashboard)
  5. XMPP support for new chat messages on your iPhone, iPad, Android
  6. Work hours management
  7. Multiple chat at the same time
  8. Multiple operators
  9. Chat archive
  10. Messages search
  11. Priority queue
  12. Priority management
  13. Automated chat resume
  14. Chat, messages, users and log statistics
  15. Chat transcript printing support
  16. Chat transcript share (via email)
  17. File upload
  18. Multiple files attachment
  19. XML and JSON chat messages export
  20. Cronjobs
  21. Callbacks
  22. SMTP support
  23. HTTPS support by default
  24. no-cookies system
  25. Multilanguage support
  26. RTL (Right-to-Left) languages support
  27. Prefill form fields
  28. Automatic chat response
  29. Geo detection with third-party services
  30. User blocking and banning
  31. Windows, Linux, and macOS native apps
  32. iOS and Android native apps
  33. Template override system
  34. Voting module
  35. FAQs module
  36. Online users map
  37. BB Code support
  38. Link recognition
  39. Total page view tracking, visits and statistics
  40. User, group, permission management
  41. Google Chrome extensions
  42. Laravel version support


LiveHelperChat is generously released under Apache-2.0 License (Open-source).