CRMs stands for "Customer Relationship Management" solutions which are built to manage the interactions with current or potential customers. CRM software manages the interaction process between sales, marketing and customer support departments with customers.

Most of CRM systems extend their functionalities with post-sale service management, and some even add accounting, finance and billing management.

Some CRM solutions are built to work in healthcare environment and support patients and healthcare customers; therefore we created a collection of open-source CRM for healthcare enterprise: 10 Open-source CRM solutions for Healthcare.

If you are looking for an open-source support and ticketing system, we recommend checking our list here: 17 Awesome Open-source Self-Hosted Ticketing System [2021].

Types of CRM software

  1. Operational CRMs: Designed to aid marketing, sales and customer support department communicating with current customers and potential leads or customers.
  2. Collaborative CRMs: Ensure collaboration among many companies departments.
  3. Analytical CRMs: This type of CRM solutions is built to help companies understand their customers by collecting and analyzing customer engagements.
  4. Campaign management CRMs: Built to manage sales and marketing campaigns
  5. Strategic CRM: enterprise-grade CRM system which put customers first.

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In this article we collected the most active open-source free CRM solutions for small and medium size businesses as well as enterprise.

Open-source free CRM systems

1- SugarCRM

SugarCRM (src. CRM)s

SugarCRM is our top pick because it has been tagged as the first and most used open-source CRM solution. It is full-featured solutions for small, medium size companies as well as enterprises.  

SugarCRM offers a cloud-based service, but it is also available as free open-source solution with its code sourced at GitHub.

SugarCRM can be used for marketing, campaign managements, sales operations and customer support.

2- OpenCRX

OpenCRX (src. OpenCRX)

OpenCRX is an enterprise-grade customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. It is one of the oldest open-source CRM system there.

The system features customers management, incident reporting and tracking, product managements, sales force automation, multi-user support, LDAP integration, CalDAV support and many groupware features.

OpenCRX supports several languages including English, French, Dutch, Chinese, Spanish and more.

3- SplendidCRM

Old legacy screenshot for SplendidCRM on Windows

SplendidCRM is a self-hosted CRM solution built on top of C# and MySQL database. It's a free to install and use on-premise.

SplendidCRM supports multiple users with advanced ACL system. It offers complex team management options, Microsoft 365 integration, survey tools and integration with several 3rd party web services.

It also features campaigns management, bugs tracking, cases management, leads, activities and opportunities.

The community edition (the free open-source self-hosted) has fewer features than than other commercial edition (Enterprise, Ultimate & Professional) edition. However, the community edition has dozens of useful features for small and medium-size companies.

4- BillRun CRM

BillRun CRM is a free billing CRM system for small and medium size business. It is built on top of YAF PHP with Zend Framework, and uses MonogoDB for the backend.

BillRun CRM is more than a billing system, it includes several customer engagement tools and supports integration with many 3rd party systems.

The project is released under GPL v3.0.

5- TreoCRM

TreoCRM is an open-source developer-friendly CRM system based on TreoCore business platform. It designed as a single page application (SPA), however, it is packed with full CRM workflow features.

TreoCRM features include: billing and invoicing, data import/ export options, lead management, lead miner, contact management, checklist manager, GitLab CRM connector, Microsoft Exchange Server integration, product management, and Microsoft Office 365 integration support.

In additional to these previous features TreoCRM boost sales automation, customer support and marketing departments activity, enhance collaboration among enterprise teams and offers multiple customizable dashboard to increase teams productivity.

TreoCRM requires PHP7, PHP Composer, MySQL5.

6- FatFreeCRM

FatFreeCRM is a free CRM system built on Ruby on Rails framework. It features team collaboration tools, campaign management, advanced lead manager, contact list management and opportunity tracking.

The project is released under an MIT open-source license.

7- Trudesk

Trudesk demo

Trudesk is a free open-source CRM system for customer support. It has built-in help desk and ticketing system with incident reporting.  It is an ideal solution for software companies and media agencies.

Trudesk is built using NodeJS and MongoDB as database backend.

8- OroCRM

OroCRM (src. OroCRM)

OroCRM is a free CRM package that supports multiple communication channels, manage sales and streamline campaign management. The software is a self-hosted server application is built on top of Platform and uses Symfony PHP framework.

9- Monica CRM

Unlike other software packages on this list, MonicaCRM is a personal CRM solution for individuals, freelancers and small companies. It helps the user keep track of their contact, define relationships, use reminders, manage tasks and bills.

MonicaCRM has rich informative dashboard, data import/ export functionalities, multi-user support, and offers a developer-friendly API and a simple user interface with several languages support.

MonicaCRM requires PHP7.2, MySQL and a server (Apache or Nginx).

10 - CortezaCRM

Yet another free CRM system, CortezaCRM is a CRM system that streamline all activities into  highly scalable collaborative platform. CortezaCRM server is built on top Corteza Low-Code platform that customize CRM workflow.

The program is an open-source self-hosted system for enterprise.

11- berliCRM

Developer in Berlin (Germany), berliCRM is free open-source solution for small and medium-sized businesses. It is a modular system packed with dozens of extensions and functionalities.

12- CiviCRM

CiviCRM is an old yet active popular open-source CRM system written in PHP. It is released under AGPLv3.

CiviCRM features cases and incident management, events and contact manager, campaign management tools, and peer-to-peer fundraising.  Furthermore, CiviCRM has a built-in CMS module and accounting integration module.

The system is built on CiviCRM-core which works as a base for the system and a set of 3rd-party integration tools and extensions for several CMS and ERP systems.

13- Inshop CRM

Inshop CRM is an open-source CRM solution but also works as an ERP client. It offers rich dashboard, campaign and leads management, rich contact manager, built-in CMS, documents manager, orders and invoice management, and more.

14- Axelor

Axelor is an open-source enterprise-grade business suite packed with dozens of features. Its features include CRM, sales management, financial and cost management, human resources (HR) management, inventory and projects management.

Axelor open-source packages is a self-hosted with full support for multiple-companies, multiple currencies, and full multi-lingual support.

15- Dolibarr ERP/ CRM

Dolibarr is a self-hosted PHP-based EPR and CRM system. It is extensible with dozens of enterprise-oriented plugins and has a vast ecosystem. It allows companies to manage their resources, employee, accounting, finance, billing, and customers within one single platform.

Dolibarr supports many databases: (MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL). It is easy to install on dedicated or shared hosting.

16- ERPNext

ERPNext is a trending open-source free ERP suite for enterprise. It has different business workflows for multiple sectors that include retail, services, education, healthcare, distribution, manufacturing and non-profit sector.

It has proven to be a solid ERP solution for more than 3000 companies around the world.

ERPNext's CRM functionalities are based around contact, leads, and customer management that work its seamlessly with finance, accounting, sales and accounting workflows.  

17- SuiteCRM

Yet another PHP-based features-rich free CRM solution. SuiteCRM is developed and maintained by a large community of developers. It helps companies build and maintain relationship with their customers, increase customers loyalty, improve sales and retention.

18- YetiForceCRM

YetiForceCRM is yet another rich CRM solution with its own open-source license: YetiForce Public License v3 which is based on MIT license.

YetiForceCRM is a web-based self-hosted system with customizable dashboard interface aiming for sales and marketing teams for small, medium-size businesses as well as enterprises.

The system features include agenda, contact manager, finiance, case management, and project management tools.

19- Vtiger CRM

20- DaybydayCRM

21- BottleCRM (DjangoCRM)

Django is a popular Python framework for building dynamic web applications. BottleCRM is a customizable CRM system built on Django.

BottleCRM modules are: contacts, accounts, invoices, cases, leads, planner and opportunity.

It can be used and extended by developers to add more features.

22- EspoCRM

EspoCRM (src. EspoCRM)

EspoCRM is a free CRM system for enterprise. It offers contact, leads, cases, Opportunities., campaign and events management.  EspoCRM is shipped with dozens of tools to organize enterprise customer support flow for sales and marketing. The current tools include: calendar, email integration, social stream, VoIP interaction and rich analytics.

EspoCRM offers a paid sales pack which contain products, quotes, orders and invoice management.

23- CRMx

CRMx (src. CRMx)

CRMx is a lightweight minimal CRM solution for freelancers and personal use. It offers lead management, project and tasks management tools, a rich contact manager, and developer-friendly REST-API.

CRMx is a highly customizable and extensible system through plugin or diving into the core code. Morever, CRMx is easy to install and use.

CRMx is using PHP and MySQL.


As noted above, Enterprise and SMB companies have different CRM options in all shape and sizes, however, some of them are designed for specific purposes like for sales, marketing and campaign management.  

We listed the most prominent features for each CRM here. But some of them have more features and hidden functionalities. We encourage decision makers to dive into demos and try them to make informed decision.

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