Otobo Community Edition: an open source web-based ticketing system for business


Otobo is a free self-hosted ticketing system with convincing functionality AND optics. It is the most web based flexible system come to enhance The efficiency and transparency of your business communication.

Otobo supports different communication channels which include phone, customer portal, self-managed tickets, email, and text messages.

Furthermore, it is used as a customer service, help desk, IT services management, classic IT support, contact point for field service and dealers or personnel administration.

Otobo comes in two editions: an enterprise edition and an open-source self-hosted community edition. The open-source edition is packed with dozens of features and options, but it lacks some major features for enterprise.


  1. Fast implementation
  2. Highly customizable
  3. Regular free updates
  4. Functional
  5. Flexible
  6. Ticket workflow: (Create, read, update, delete)
  7. Responsive user-interface
  8. Support Office or home office
  9. Modern customer portal
  10. Dashboard with all important information
  11. Clear, compact ticket overview
  12. Dynamic panel creates space and order
  13. Dynamic field contents: generated hierarchically.
  14. Only relevant data is requested.
  15. Extended field labels for easier onboarding
  16. Multi-column forms
  17. Hide / Show: Only required fields are displayed
  18. Flexibly adapted to the respective requirements
  19. Data retrieving from external data sources: Microsoft-Dynamics, SAP, Odoo and other systems.
  20. Built-in Brute Force Protection
  21. Ticket Management
  22. Communication channels
  23. Integration with SAP, Odoo, Flectra, CTI
  24. Statistics / reporting
  25. Automation & process management
  26. Dynamic field
  27. Multiple form column support
  28. Dialogue-based interface
  29. 2 factor authentication
  30. System-wide live search with Full-text search support
  31. Open Streetmap integration
  32. Service catalog
  33. Draft mode for email and notes
  34. Bulk (Batch) actions
  35. Link, merge and split tickets
  36. Surveys
  37. System monitoring tools
  38. Connectors for Odoo, SAP, Flectra, CTI and more
  39. Email filtering
  40. Ticket prioritizing
  41. Ticket archive
  42. Performance monitor
  43. Multi-language support

As coming soon feature, it will support chatbot.


Tech stack

It is written with Perl, JavaScript, CSS, PL SQL, HTML, and Shell languages.

It can be filled with data from any external database such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or other systems.

The system can be installed either from source or with a Docker image.


Otobo community edition is released under the GNU General Public License.


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