QuickDesk: A Self-hosted Open-source Ticketing system

QuickDesk is a web-based self-hosted help desk and ticketing management solution. It is developed by ASP.NET MVC and uses SQL server.

QuickDesk is a features-rich solution which makes it ideal for enterprise, small and medium-sized businesses (SMB), and software agencies.

QuickDesk offers different level of users and views, It starts with super admin users who can modify and configure the system, system users like technical supports and agents.

Another primary feature for QuickDesk is its custom reporting and report types and the ability to export them in spreadsheet formats.

Here is the current reports you can export with QuickDesk:

  1. Agent Wise Ticket Status Report
  2. Category Wise Ticket Status Report
  3. Ticket Overdue Status Report
  4. Ticket Overdue User Wise Report
  5. Ticket Escalation Report
  6. Ticket Deleted Report
  7. Priority Wise Ticket Status Report
  8. Agent Detail Report
  9. User Wise Check-in Checkout Report
  10. Agent Working Hours Year Wise Report

Here we list all QuickDesk features, hoping that will help you to understand all its features and advantages.

QuickDesk Features

  1. Ticket management
  2. Ticket lifecycle management
  3. Tickets list
  4. Tickets search and filtering
  5. Tickets assignment
  6. Ticket detail view.
  7. File attachments
  8. Ticket history
  9. WYSIWYG editor
  10. Ticket note
  11. Ticket replies
  12. Informative dashboard
  13. System admin, user, and agent roles management
  14. System notification
  15. Reports
  16. Email integration and notification with SMTP
  17. SLA (service-level agreement) policies
  18. Business-hours configuration
  19. Ticket category assignments
  20. Menu and navigation management
  21. Escalation
  22. Tickets deletion
  23. Tickets restoration
  24. Ticket allocation
  25. Knowledge base
  26. Agent Detail Report
  27. User Wise Check-in Checkout Report
  28. Agent Working Hours Year Wise Report
  29. Well documented


QuickDesk is released under GNU General Public License v3.0


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