Ticketit: Open-source Laravel-based Ticketing System

Laravel is a trending open-source modern PHP framework for building enterprise and complex as well as small apps.

As Laravel becomes the number one PHP framework with its large community and rich ecosystem, developers may require to add a ticketing and support system to their apps. Well, with Ticketit it takes no time.

Ticketit is a free self-hosted Laravel-based ticketing system. It can be integrated smoothly with other Laravel projects.

Even though, the project is archived on GitHub, many Laravel developers are forking it and integrating it in their projects.

Ticketit DEMO


Tickets preview
  1. Self-hosted
  2. Free and open-source
  3. Tickets creation and management
  4. Multi-user levels: system admins, users, support, and agents
  5. Tickets list
  6. Tickets filtering
  7. Tickets search
  8. Ticketing sorting by category, priority, agent, status, owner, and update date.
  9. Agent tickets list
  10. Admin dashboard with overall stats, graphs, and tickets stats
  11. Administrators management
  12. Email notification
  13. Integrate tickets views into your Laravel pages (Developer)
  14. Global system configuration
  15. Highly customization
  16. Well documented
  17. Developer friendly
  18. Auto-assign tickets to agents
  19. Ticket comments
  20. Custom ticket stats
  21. Ticket access restrictions
  22. Localization: (English, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, German, and Arabic language packs are included)
  23. Re-open closed tickets
  24. Ticket file attachments
  25. Dashboard statistics
  26. Simple text editor
  27. Quick installer wizard for easy install


  • The project is released under MIT license. However, not it locked in Public Archive on GitHub.