Helpdeskz Open-source Ticketing system for enterprise

Helpdeskz Open-source Ticketing system for enterprise
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Helpdeskz is a free help desk software which allows you to manage your sites. It supports web-based ticketing system.

The solution can update their business in hours. It is a features-rich and comes with a repository for translations.

It made for your business a LoginShare modules that let you integrate HelpDeskZ with your Drupal, Magento or WordPress site,

HelpDeskZ Offer a quality support, increase your productivity, it's a quality product with no price, it makes support management easier than never.

HelpDeskZ is suitable for customer support needs to manage customer problem.

HelpDeskZ supports IMAP fetching, this allows the auto-creation of tickets from incoming emails to a set email address.



  1. Free
  2. open source
  3. Web-based
  4. IMAP fetching
  5. Management app
  6. Support API
  7. easy to use
  8. Email Piping
  9. Support Tickets
  10. Update ticket
  11. Create a new ticket
  12. Retrieve a list of all tickets
  13. Update ticket
  14. Ticket Messages
  15. Retrieve messages from a ticket
  16. Retrieve list of attachments
  17. Retrieve file content from an attachment
  18. Delete attachment
  19. Staff Authentication
  20. Retrieve details of staff user by ID

Tech Stack

HelpDeskZ is developed with CodeIgniter PHP framework 4.


  • PHP version 7.3 or newer is required
  • intl extension, mbstring extension and imap extension installed.
  • MySQL (5.1+) via the MySQLi driver


  • Unzip the HelpDeskZ script package.
  • Browse to directory /hdz/app/Config/ and rename the file to Helpdesk.php.
  • Edit this file and complete the required information (Site URL, database information, etc).

You can find more here.  


The community edition is released under  the The GPLv2 license.


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