Helpy: GDPR-Compliant Free Self-hosted Tickets Management System for Agencies and Teams

Helpy: GDPR-Compliant Free Self-hosted Tickets Management System for Agencies and Teams
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Helpy is a highly advanced helpdesk platform which has been developed using the powerful Ruby on Rails framework, and is available for use under the MIT license. This platform has been specifically designed to help you manage and streamline your support email and ticketing system, and it can be easily integrated with your existing app.

With Helpy, you can rest assured that your customers will receive the best possible support experience. The platform is also equipped with a cutting-edge customer help center which will help you to provide your customers with a comprehensive self-service support portal. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, with Helpy you can manage your customer support process like a true pro, and deliver top-notch support to your customers.


Helpy is an integrated support solution-combining and leveraging synergies between support ticketing, Knowledgebase and a public community. Each feature is optional however, and can be easily disabled.

  • Multichannel ticketing: Integrated with inbound email via Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, etc.
  • Knowledgebase: Full text searchable and SEO optimized to help users answer questions before they contact you.
  • Mobile-friendly: Support requests come at all times, and Helpy works on all devices out of the box, so you can delight customers with prompt answers, from anywhere and at anytime!
  • Community Support Forums: Customers and Agents can both answer questions in a publicly accessible forum, and vote both threads and replies up or down accordingly.
  • Embed Widget: Helpy Includes a lightweight JavaScript widget that allows your users to contact you from just about anywhere.
  • Multilingual: Helpy is fully multilingual and can provide support in multiple languages at the same time. Currently, the app includes translations for 19 languages and is easy to translate.
  • Themeable: Customize the look and functionality of your Helpy without disturbing the underlying system that makes it all work. Helpy comes with two additional themes, and we hope to add more and get more from the community as time goes on.
  • Sends HTML email: Responses to customers can include HTML, emojis and attachments.
  • Customizable: Set colors to match your brand both on the helpcenter, and in the ticketing UI.
  • GDPR Compliant: Comply with GDPR right to be forgotten requests by deleting users and their history, or by anonymizing them.

What is a Multi-Channel Support Ticketing

Multi Channel Support Ticketing allows you to track all of your help emails and tickets in one place with Helpy integrated email. As messages arrive at your support address they appear in the Helpy dashboard and can be assigned to agents. Replying through the Helpy interface or by email delivers the response to the original requester.

  • Track tickets from new to resolved in a responsive, modern interface.
  • Access common replies to quickly respond to common issues.
  • One click conversion of ticket responses to knowledgebase articles
  • Email notifications alert you or your agents to new messages

Install and use Helpy

Helpy can be installed in a few mins using Docker and Docker Compose.

  1. Install Docker and docker-compose
  2. Create config file from template cp docker/.env.sample docker/.env and edit docker/.env to match your needs
  3. Edit docker/Caddyfile to include your URL or turn on SSL
  4. Build Helpy from local git checkout docker-compose build
  5. Run docker-compose up -d to start all of the services


  • MIT License
Copyright 2016-2021,, LLC, Scott Miller and Contributors. Helpy Core is released under the MIT open source license. Please contribute back any enhancements you make. Also, I would appreciate if you kept the "powered by Helpy" blurb in the footer. This helps me keep track of how many are using Helpy.


GitHub - helpyio/helpy: Helpy is a modern, open source helpdesk customer support application. Features include knowledgebase, community discussions and support tickets integrated with email.
Helpy is a modern, open source helpdesk customer support application. Features include knowledgebase, community discussions and support tickets integrated with email. - GitHub - helpyio/helpy: Help…
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