Dolibarr: An Open-Source ERP and CRM Solution For Business

Dolibarr: An Open-Source ERP and CRM Solution For Business

Dolibarr is an open-source ERP and CRM system written with PHP, you can use it as an ERP, CRM or as inventory and warehouse management system comes to make the management of inventory and warehouse easy.


It is designed for small and medium businesses, foundation, and freelancers.

You can use this platform for customers and lead management, sales management, human resources, logistics, stock, invoicing, accounting, manufacturing, and more. As you see, it is manage all thing that you will need to manage your inventory and your business.

Dolibarr comes with great features for many fields like CRM, sales, human relationship management, CMS, website, E-Commerce, POS, product and stock, finance and billing, marketing, integration, development, we will catch it in this article.


  1. Free and Open source
  2. Self-hosted
  3. No double entry
  4. Upgrade at any time
  5. Customizable
  6. Extensible through a developer-friendly API
  7. Support many add-ons
  8. User-friendly
  9. Track your prospects and customers
  10. Process your commercial proposal
  11. Manage customer/supplier contracts and subscriptions
  12. Generate recurring invoices for subscriptions automatically
  13. Create and follow all your leads or commercial opportunities
  14. Manage order sales
  15. Manage a help desk and tickets
  16. Manage users, user groups, and permissions
  17. Leave requests
  18. Recruitment
  19. Expense reports
  20. Manage your Purchase Order Workflows, Restock your Warehouses
  21. Multi-Language Support


You can install it as a local application or online for thus you will be able to use it from anywhere, and from any device.


  • PHP
  • MariaDB, MySQL, or PostgreSQL
  • Compatible with all Cloud solutions that match PHP & MySQL or PostgreSQL prerequisites.


It is available on all platforms and as SaaS application. It offers many forms to install such as auto installer packages without needing any technical knowledge, or standard distribution working on all operating system (Windows, macOS, Linux), and PHP architectures.

You can also install it with Docker, as many developers released custom Dolibarr docker images.


It is released under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3.


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