DoliMedEMR is an open-source EMR (Electronic Medical Records) built on top of Dolibarr ERP & CRM which itself is a powerful ERP solution released as an open-source project. Both of the solution as DoliMedEMR, and It's main father Dolibarr ERP are released under GPLv3 license, and getting continuous update often.

DoliMedEMR is built on top of stable and usable ERP solution that makes it inherit all of it's powerful ERP features as security, modularity, having other modules ready. We have wrote an article explaining the benefits of building healthcare systems over ERP solutions.

Key features:

  • Patient records management
  • Users management
  • Appointments module
  • Consultation management
  • Stock management
  • Payment ready
  • Documents management
  • Contact manager
  • Powerful HRM Human Relational   Management inherited from Dolibarr ERP

Dolibarr ERP features:

  • Simple user interface
  • CRM module
  • Stock management
  • HR management
  • CMS/ eCommerce portal ready
  • Survey tools
  • Email design and email      templates
  • Project management
  • Rich powerful documentation for end users and developers
  • Powerful integration tools

What makes Dolibarr ERP & DoliMedEMR powerful?

While Integration is the main answer here, but the rich  store provided by Dolibarr ERP is quite something, Even though the store is full of many paid modules, but the development team provides easy and developer friendly tools to build modules, plugins and themes easily on top of Dolibarr ERP. There are different mobile tools, and more integration modules for other CRMs, CMSs, and solutions. Import and export features provided by the parent ERP ( Dolibarr ERP) is not fully exposed in the DoliMedEMR so as most of the other features, yet it's fairly easy to add them and deploy it according to the end customer requirements.

License :

Both solutions are released under GPLv3.0


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