Doodledrop: Open-source Social Media App for Doodle Painting

Doodledrop is a social media platform where you can share paintings, follow users, chat with users and even draw together in realtime!

Doodledrop: Open-source Social Media App for Doodle Painting
Photo by Sunguk Kim / Unsplash

Doodledrop is a free open-source self-hosted doodle creation and sharing platform for artists.

It is an ideal educational solution for kids, teens, and school students.

On doodledrop users can share their Paintings, follow other users, and draw together. You can write direct messages to your friends and family or write together in group chats. Follow your friend in order to stay in contact with them.

The project is written with Node.js technologies, and it uses Express.js for the server side and React and for the front-end.


  1. User-friendly interface that works for kids, children, and students
  2. A Doodle drawing canvas with many tools
  3. Supports touch screens
  4. Search options for doodles, user profiles and messages
  5. Export options
  6. Messages board
  7. Users can follow each others
  8. User profiles



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