Fractal Generator: an Open Source Cross-platform Fractal Art Generator

Fractal Generator: an Open Source Cross-platform Fractal Art Generator

Fractal art is an amazing never-ending pattern. It is a beautiful loop of colors, structures, and shapes organized in a fancy pattern.

Fractal art is a computer generated art that uses algorithms to calculate fractal objects then represent them in a digital image, animation, or video.

To create fractal art, you need a fractal design or generator software, that allows you to create the pattern, modify the formulas, control colors and more.

Fractal Generator is an open source fractal design app, that allows you to create fancy fractal images without diving too much in complicated math formulas.

The Fractal Generator is designed to display images produced from complex and real parametric dynamical systems. Its main purpose is to allow the user to experiment with their own formulas in the dynamical system.

The program is built with Java, therefore it can run on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


  • General formula dynamical systems.
  • Complex plane systems and real plane parametric systems.
  • Escape and convergence mode bailouts.
  • Inverse complex plane graphing.
  • All options are user editable.
  • History window.
  • Image resizing option to various set sizes as well as custom sizes.
  • Multi-Threading options for more efficient use of the CPU.
  • Fractal information saving and loading.
  • Mouse options for zooming and recentering.
  • Image saving and copying.
  • Display image auto-resizing.
  • Animation Image Sequence Creator.
  • Color Scheme Options.
  • Color data storage options.
  • Independent editable color palettes.
  • Inside Schemes
  • Solid Color
  • Angle Decomposition
  • Orbit Distances
  • Blending and Overlay Modes for all Schemes
  • Outside Schemes
  • Iteration
  • Angle Decomposition
  • Orbit Distances
  • Curvature
  • Stripe
  • Outline
  • Blending and Overlay Modes for all Schemes


  1. Windows
  2. Linux
  3. macOS


This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3

Copyright (C) 2017 Don Spickler.


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Hazem Abbas

Written by Hazem Abbas

Medical Doctor by trade, but also a software developer. Linux Avid user. I write primary; open-source medical apps, dev tools and libraries I use, and off-topic like horse riding.
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