Genotify is a free open source cross-platform gene annotation software, which is a repeated task for gene and molecular biology researchers.

There is no better description for Genoitify in fewer words than Genotify's paper at The Journal of Open Source Software " Genotify: Fast, lightweight gene lookup and summarization ".

Genotify has simple user-interface and built with easy access tools to save the researcher time, The researcher can search through up-to-date gene library, using gene name, ID.

This nifty little app was built with Electron using web technologies (HTML/ Javascript), so as it's Electron built app its multi-platform ready with installation packages for MacOSX, Linux and Windows.

The developer listed the use-case of Genotify for his research group:

Our group frequently uses Genotify to facilitate:

  • Rapid, efficient lookup of genes while reviewing literature or curating lists of significant genes,
  • Close investigation of families of related genes,
  • Quick ascertainment of the biological significance of differentially expressed genes or associating proteins,
  • Determination of known disease associations,
  • Exploration of protein structure, modifications, and variants,
  • Comparison of mRNA expression of a queried gene across diverse tissues, cell types, and species.

The developers have provided a quick walkthrough example of how to use Genotify to search genes and limit the results to certain species and investigating gene expression.

Genotify is released as an open-source project under GNU General Public License version 3, It  has been started several times on GitHub, and forked 3 times so far, as its issue tracker page is getting feature requests for many users.

Genotify is an out-of-need project by Jared Andrews a Molecular Genetics and Genomics Ph.D. student at Washington University in St, Mohamed El-Alawi a computer science student, and Jacqueline E. Payton Jacqueline Payton, MD, Ph.D. an Assistant Professor, Pathology & Immunology. Andrews, who has other interesting projects in his GitHub's page, including  Data science-related projects. He is coding mainly in Python, JS. Though We don't know their roles in developing Genotify, we believe this work can set an example for many research groups to develop their own tools and released it to the world.

Genotify: Website & Download