GitJournal is an amazing Note-taking app with Git backend

GitJournal is an amazing Note-taking app with Git backend

GitJournal is an incredibly useful note taking application that has gained popularity due to its strong focus on privacy and data portability.

Markdown with Frontmatter YAML Header

One of its standout features is its unique approach to storing notes using a standardized Markdown + YAML header format, which is optional but highly recommended.

By adopting this format, GitJournal ensures that your notes are easily readable and compatible with other Markdown editors.

Multiple Git backend provider support

Furthermore, GitJournal offers the flexibility to store your notes in a Git repository of your choice. Whether you prefer GitHub, GitLab, or a custom provider, GitJournal seamlessly integrates with these platforms.

This means that you have complete control over where your notes are hosted and can even self-host them if you desire.

Migrate to GitJournal Easily

You have the option to effortlessly transfer your notes from a variety of note-taking apps such as Google Keep, Day One Classic, Narrate, and Simplenote to Gitournal, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

Rich Documentation

To further enhance the user experience, GitJournal provides comprehensive documentation on how to connect and host your notes with different Git providers. You can find detailed instructions and guidelines in the official GitJournal repository on GitHub, specifically in the Git hosts documentation.


  • Markdown note-taking support
  • Sync easily with Git
  • Easily configure views
  • Multiple editors (Raw, Checklist, Journal, and Markdown editor)
  • Wiki style links
  • Backlinks between notes
  • Migrate easily from other note apps like Foam, Notable, Obsidian, and others.


In summary, GitJournal is not just another note-taking app. It is a powerful tool that prioritizes your privacy and ensures the portability of your data.

With its support for a standardized note format and compatibility with various Git providers, GitJournal empowers users to take full control of their notes and enjoy a seamless and flexible note-taking experience.


All code contributed by Vishesh Handa is licensed under the AGPL. All code contributed by anyone else is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. This is done so that GitJournal can avoid needing a CLA, and it can be distributed it on the Apple App Store which doesn't allow AGPL.


  • Android
  • iOS



Mobile First Markdown Notes integrated with Git
GitHub - GitJournal/GitJournal: Mobile first Note Taking integrated with Git
Mobile first Note Taking integrated with Git. Contribute to GitJournal/GitJournal development by creating an account on GitHub.

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