20+ Google ".new" Shortcut Tool & A Quick Guide How To Use Them.

The ".new" shortcut is not a new tool by Google, it has been around for about a year now, but works mainly for Google products like Google Drive, Google Documents,  Google Spreadsheets, Google Calendar, and some other Google products. However, this tool is now available for companies to create their shortcuts as a .new domain.

It's easy to use as the user only writes "doc.new" in the browser and he will be redirected to a Google Document editor and start writing the new document.

".new" Google shortcuts

Shortcut Action
doc.new/ docs.new Start a new Google Document
sheet.new/ spreadsheet.new/ sheets.new Start a new Google Spreadsheet
keep.new / note.new Start a new Google Keep note
presentation.new/ slide.new/ slides.new Start a new Google Presentation file
form.new/ forms.new Start a new Google Form
meeting.new/ cal.new Start a new Google Calendar meeting
site.new/ sites.new Create a new Google Sites

New services shortcuts

|playlist.new|Start a new Spotify playlist|
|podcast.new|Start a new podcast at Anchor|
|canva.new| Start a new design at Canva|
|letsmeet.new| Start a new video call at Webx|
|invoice.new|Start a new invoice at Stripe|
|link.new|Create a new short URL at bitly|
|repo.new|Create a new GitHub repo|
|music.new|Create a new song artwork|

This article will be updated overtime with new ".new" shortcuts.

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