A Promising Project to Expose Bad Healthcare Service Providers in China

A Promising Project to Expose Bad Healthcare Service Providers in China

While looking through a set of medical repos in GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket, I found this strange repo which is originally was in Chinese, buy Open-Power-Workgroup.

What makes this repo strange is that if focuses on all hospitals, medical institutions that were involved in any shady practice, like medical fraud, a connection to a Putian system, or even involved in advertising in Baidu bidding ads.

This project is co-maintained by the Open Power team. The Open Power Group is a working group of volunteers, and we know our capabilities are limited, so we can only share what we currently know, make sure we're not faking it, and work to increase its credibility. As to how this information should guide action, we remain tight-lipped.

The repo offers a list of hospitals that are organized by cities, which include

  1. Hospital address
  2. Telephone number, or a website(s)
  3. Evidence, usually a news report.

Associated projects

The project has a list of many associated projects that allows users to access the data in different format, devices, browsers, or contain more information, notification about related malpractice or ethical issues that involve the listed parties.


All information of this project is released based on the OPW Open Data License Agreement.


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