Inventory Manager: Free open-source warehouse manager

Inventory Manager: Free open-source warehouse manager

Inventory Manager is a simple free inventory and stock manager for small and medium-size companies.

It features several stock management tools which include asset tracking, advanced search, barcode/QR code scanner support and invoice manager.

It's built by the same developers who created Pharmacy Manager which we reviewed here. It has many similarities with it in terms of stock management and barcode/ QR code scanning.

Inventory Manager manages more than stocks and assets, it helps inventory managers to manage  purchase, suppliers, recipes, sales and notifications.

It also has several embedded tools like dynamic customizable calendar, calculator, point-of-sale and backup tools.


Inventory Manager is available for Windows and macOS. It does not support Linux unless the app is running under Wine.


  1. Rich reactive dashboard
  2. Stock manager
  3. Search tool
  4. Tracking tools
  5. Invoice and receipt manager
  6. Categories manager
  7. Barcode printing support
  8. Multiple user support
  9. Multiple device support
  10. Supplier management
  11. Desktop Notification
  12. Bulk item manager
  13. Reports and charts
  14. Barcode generator
  15. Damaged item management
  16. User Notification
  17. Email notification
  18. Easy to install
  19. Calendar
  20. Embedded Calculator
  21. Appointment manager
  22. Files upload
  23. Purchase manager
  24. Offline support
  25. Download and backup data in CSV/ Excel file formats
  26. Custom fields support
  27. Backup and synchronization


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